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Thorax, King of Swarm

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He looks as cool as ben 10,000 and thats highly respectable 
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Hi! I'm a King Thorax roleplayer and I was wondering if I could use this image as an icon? If not that's perfectly fine.
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Hi, yes you can, no problem.
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Oh my God, this is such a gorgeous picture!
So vibrant and full of life.
You, man, caught so well the new changellings' desing!
I love this drawing so much! Ah!
He's to majestic and fabulous!
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...... THE MAJESTY!!!♡♡♡♡
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This is awesome.  So vibrant.  I know everybody else hates the changelings new style.  I guess I'm the one weird person who likes the new look on the changelings.
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We're two weird people, new changelingd are cool.
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Wow, I'm not alone?  Awesome,  and you did a great job drawing thorax.   
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Long live the King!
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Wow, that is... such a stunning portrait of King Thorax...!
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Wow! :wow:
This is gorgeously awesome. Like the extra features!
Then Fetty Wap pulls up on the curb and eats him like a pack of Skittles.... >8)
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He's the Key of Destiny!!!!
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He looks gorgeous. Awesome work
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Between your design and the effects you put to him, such as the transition, this is a wonderful, gorgeous piece. The crown on him is an especially neat touch.
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