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Yay, my first deviation of the year! I actually went and drew an entire background just for the occasion =P . (Bamboo brush was from *redheadstock though.)

I thought it'd be great if Goku came back to life to find Chichi to be stronger than before. You know nothing makes him prouder than his family's strength. =) I imagined him saying something like, "Wow you've improved!" while the kids stand in awe (especially Videl who couldn't believe Chichi participated in the Tenkaichi Budokai ^_^ ).

Since Chichi was the one who taught Goten martial arts, I thought she must've improved her own skills too. I mean, she was already an awesome fighter back when she entered the Tenkaichi Budokai. It's a shame she stopped fighting to become so housewife-y in DBZ. :(

Yes, I know Chichi is no match for Goku, but it's not like you have to be at the same strength to spar. It's just a friendly spar so please don't look into it. (I got very annoyed when people kept nitpicking about my old fanart where Sakura's having trouble walking on water. ^^; )
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I can picture these two doing just that. Why not? :) 
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nice art, it's really a shame they put aside chi's fighting skills to make her a frustrated housewife, would be nice to see her training again 
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Now that's what I wanna see. Instead of her complaining.
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I saw this SEVERAL times in slideshow vids, but had NO idea who really made them. I am HONORED to come across the artist of this FABULOUS fanart! ^^ Keep it up!
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Ghost-TroupeHobbyist Digital Artist
I sometimes forget that Chichi is actually a great martial artist lol. She also used to train with Goku back when they were kids. Great artwork!
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Mel-Meiko-Mei-LingProfessional Digital Artist
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when ur mother tryes to beat u, but u have trained a lot :v

Nice :D
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rnko26Hobbyist General Artist
 old fanart where Sakura's having trouble walking on water

i can't seem to find that one is it on here?
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One can make, I think, a rather good argument for ChiChi being the one who actually taught Goten skills-- he sometimes seems to have a more refined style than Gohan or Goku-- where he learned power mostly on his own with help from Big Bro and Dad.  And seriously, in DB/DBZ, power counts-- usually-- more than skill-- I don't care how much of a master f the martial arts you are, it becomes moot when you can break a dozen bricks-- and the other guys breaks mountains.
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Ah, the Great Tournament.
Those Times were better times.
Great fighting Scenes, still a reason when they talk.
Not so many "I need 10 Episodes to load my Genkidama only to miss it"
And Krilin was still a fighter worth watching.
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awesome :)
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Renegade-SamuraiHobbyist Traditional Artist
I always wondered why Bulma and Chi Chi didn't learn to fly and fight more. amazing piece!
DUKEYAMASAKIProfessional Digital Artist
so good!
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view the face of videl kkkkkk
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"Behind every successfull man... stands a strong woman." :D
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MythicalMarvelousHobbyist Digital Artist
I wish Chichi could still fight a bit around ...
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JulieTheBunnyBR00Student Digital Artist
I love Chi-Chi x Goku :D
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this is pretty cool, ive always disliked that chichi never developed the ability to fly or bulma even to use energy, espeicaly after gohan taught videl
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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
Nice ^^
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MichaelAmayaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Pfft Hahahahaha! :D Aaahahahah! Laugh Hohohoh! 2015 NaNoEmo - #19 Cutie Laugh HAHAHAHA! :dignity-laugh: WUAAHAHAHAH! AAAHAHAHAHAHA! :laughing:
AHU! AHU! AHU! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Can't Stop Laughing - NaNoEmo Day 2

Yeah! Like Goku would EVER spare with CHICHI! :lol: WUAAHAHAHAHAAAA!

OH! OH! OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BREEEEEEEATHE! :biglaugh: NaNoEmo - Day 19

HUUUUUUUUUU!I am a dummy! *collapse. :diehappy:
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Void-WolfHobbyist General Artist
They did... ot was their first date.
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MichaelAmayaHobbyist Traditional Artist
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