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Not a Morning Person

Not necessarily a pairing pic, unless you wanna see it that way :) Taichi has probably the sloppiest school uniform of the boys (no tie, shirt not tucked in, unbuttoned jacket), so I thought of him as not a "morning person," leaving it to Sora and Yamato to have to look out for him. I...could have drawn Koushiro too...but...I'm lazy XD
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Not a Morning Person..................................that's an understatement
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But Sora....I haven't even had my first cup of coffee yet...
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Sora is showing her maternal side by fussing over and doting on Tai. Him not being a morning person does seem to fit with his character since he doesn't give much care about his appearance because of the way that he wore his school uniform differently from the rest of his peers. Tai's hair is always that wild-looking, so it doesn't make a difference whether he combs it. For him to have little grey shadows under his eyes, it seems that he hadn't gotten much sleep. Matt seemed to be calling out to him to get it together. These three are the triangle of focus in this picture. 

This is one of those precious moments that they have together as friends. Whether as a couple or friends, I don't think Sora would be treating him any differently. She could be having these kinds of moments with him as husband and wife. However, she'd grow to tolerate this side of him out of love.

If Izzy was drawn in, he would've been ahead of them beside Matt and treat it as normal with a nonchalant look on his face and keeping quiet about it. Being close friends with Tai, it's something that he expects coming from him and just tolerates.  It seems that you didn't plan to include him in the picture due to the amount of space that you have the three of them take up.

The background reflects the sunset rather than the crack of dawn; though, the color does add warmth to the picture.
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You pretty much captured what I had in mind when I drew this, especially about Sora not treating him differently, whether he was her friend or boyfriend.  Nice analysis :thumbsup: 
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That can be figured out through close observation. Knowing their characters well helps in being able to see that. It really shows in your drawing based on how you portray them.

Art is something that's open to interpretation. It depends on one's imagination that gets a person to interpret something a certain way. I caught on to that when you stated that they can be seen either as friends or a couple.

Even wives can fuss over their husbands from time to time. It makes me think of Tai and Kari's parents' relationship. In one episode in the first season, their mother did remark about their father's messiness and picked up after him. Tai seems to take after his father in that aspect. I think Tai and Sora's marriage life would be like that. 
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i love your art!!! :heart:
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All of your art is great! Keep it up!
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This is a funny pic.and as always,Sora's motherly instincts are kicking in.and I love Matt's expression in the background.PRICELESS!
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wonderful artwork
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Jaja! This is funny! I love it!!
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Its a great picture and all, but Taichi is a morning person. After all he is use to waking up at 6 am to practice soccer in the summer.
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That so cute I love it!!!!!!!1
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Gud job! ur so talented unlike ome1 i know (aka me)
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heyhey would you try to do one for taichi and mimi please T.T
just only one
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Hey ! I love this trio !
It will be cool if you can draw a picture with a TaikiNene's couple !
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oh mah gawd, I absolutely adore this :love: why have I not seen this?! @_@ love the expressions, colors, shading *O* lovely work! :deviation:
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nice job!!!! I love Yamato's face XD
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love the story^^ (and Yamato :heart: hehe)
but, I think the color just looks like an afternoon for me...^^a
never mind..hehe
still love this very much.. X)
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I hate mornings
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