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Hyakki Yago - Nightparade of 100 Yokai

By taibossigai
The party's just getting started...

Nurarihyon - the tea-drinking dude with the big head

Bakezori - straw sandal
Biwa-bokuboku - animated biwa (guitar-like instrument)
Shamichoro - animated shamisen (beside the biwa)
Basan - the rooster-like bird
Kitsune - the two foxes in the background, and floating around them are little balls of fox-fire, a sure sign that kitsune and other yokai are around.
Bakeneko - the cat with two tails
Yosuzume - night sparrows dancing - here they are leading the nightparade by dancing, but usually lead the wolf (okuri-inu) in the lower left to any lost travelers in the mountains.

I couldn't recall the name of the little dancing sake bottle, if I remember right I think he has an endless supply.
I've also forgotten the name of the little crock-pot jar.

An awesome site for looking up yokai:

Derwent Watercolor pencil crayons and Faber Castell artist pen on 9x12 watercolor paper

Dedicated to :iconchaosqueen122: and painted for her contest Nightparade of 100 Demons
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Oh my wow it`s awesome :heart: I hope you do well in my contest.

Oh my you also have Nurarihyon and a Bakezori
damn that`s just too amazing. In I love how you did make it look like an ink painting at least it seems like one too me.
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Hee hee thanks a bunch! :)

I'm so happy that you like it. Oh I forgot to mention in my description that I used a black artist pen. Was going to use a traditional inkstick ground with an inkstone but my brushstrokes really suck (could be the cheap brushes), and I couldn't get the ink dark, artist pen to the rescue! :la:

Once I read about Nurarihyon and his role in the parade, I knew I had to include him. I really liked drawing the Bakezori and the Kameosa (such cuties! ^^).
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:) you are very welcome.

Ohhhh awesome you can draw in that way. :XD:
I tried it but failed my lines were to messy.
Aww it looks anyway like an ink drawing :XD:
You should make a book out of it :heart:

heheh awww yay I`m glad you found the infos interesting
and usefull. heheh yeah they are really cute.
taibossigai's avatar
Thanks so much! A book would be pretty cool but I'd need a lot more artwork. :XD:

Yeah, the lines are difficult. It's easy to overdo them. Quite often when I start inking something I put the first line down and freak out "OMG I've messed it up!" :lmao: Then I calm down and take my time. The strings on the instruments were quite stressful as I messed them up in the sketch and a previous trial version.
chaosqueen122's avatar
You are very welcome :D and I'm sorry for the late replay (I had so share my laptop and couldn`t use it at night times)
Aww I`m sure you can manage it.

:( But they do look awesome right now.
taibossigai's avatar
That's alright, we all get busy with our real lives. :D

Hee hee...I ended up sketching out a picture of a tengu, we'll see how it turns out. (if it turns out, I have a lot of things I'm working on right now)
chaosqueen122's avatar

Ohhh I want to see it :heart: I mean if you don`t mind.
heheh we are all busy getting creative how it seems :D maybe the spring gives
all the flow back.
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Very comes and goes.
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what an unusual concept :-) I would like to say it's funny but I know it touches very serious issue.
taibossigai's avatar
Thanks so much! :heart: Yes, it is based on some serious Japanese folklore - the Nightparade happens once a year and various yokai come out to participate. It's said that any human who comes across the procession will die unless they have some special protection. I wanted to make a friendlier-looking version.
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