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study character

yep. it is study
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Everyone BOW the undeniable presence of her ample bust. XD

Good artwork. :)
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study from what? google or anything else?
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looks wonderful
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oooh this is cool! May i ask? By study do you mean you drew this entirely based on a ref photograph? or this a character design practice after you've studied different kinds of outfits etc? Thanks so much for your time!
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Hi tahra, i found this picture on pinterest. this is a good work, i wonder if you let me do this character in 3d...

is it possible?
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Wow! This is incredible!. :D
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I love everything about this picture
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Oh my godness your characters are astonishing! keep work on it!
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For some reason, this music came to my mind upon seeing this picture:…
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I think a pirate hat would work perfectly on her.
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your art is so much like the art of final fantasy...looks so great...little jealous
Your works are amazing :0. This is a definite favourite!
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Words can not say enough. Great work.
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I like the clothing design the most. Is it ’from’ something?
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I think i love you....not you exatly, im talking to the picture.
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d'une violence violente
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I hope to be like you one day.
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