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He is scamp comes from ex-boxer.

'hey, give me all you have got.'
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An Attractive Bad Boy. Beautifully Drawn.
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He's Cute. Love the style.
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I think my brain just melted ^.^
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awwwww. what happened to the hot guy....hehe
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Jesus this is awesome. Nice work
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Your english may be awful but youre a fucking god when it comes to art. YOU'RE SO AWESOME!!!
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Well he's absolutly hot! @_@
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That's really one of a kind. Sexy! :D Luv the skull on shoulder.!.!.
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Ow, painful face injuries.

Cool shirt design.
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Ya know. I love his hood and the shirt he has on under it. :D It looks kewl. :D
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wow!, great job!
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he reminds me tom york from radiohead!!!
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you're very inspiring...!
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ooo nice, i really need to learn how to draw males, thanks for the inspiration!
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I think it's easy to forget that yes, handsome men can get facial injuries! lol I love the mature but roguish scruffiness.
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hehe!!!i found out some small mistakes of urs~~~ XD the muscle structureof his arm is a bit weird~~~ =D other than that, GREAT!!
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