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red skin

I feel necessity of new colouring style!!!
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Love her big hair, and how you faded it in to the background colors.  The light orange red look wonderful with your deep blues in this, on the marking and in the background. I am loving her large thighs and tall boot as well, nice look with her large hair & long swords.
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A Natural Beauty who looks like a woman who will fight for what she believes in and for her people.
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The markings on her rule!!!
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Belle créaturecréature
Cake-Or-Death85's avatar
very Frazetta-esque. I love the color scheme and the shadowing. beautiful :)
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THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, but good god she needs some clothes XD
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I really like this.
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I love everything about this!
dangerous and beautiful
Lovely lethal lady.
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My first thought is, 'Gosh! I want hair like that!'

xD Sorry. It's lovely. The rock is really great. And great job shading too.
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Her armor wouldn't do well with protection, still wicked looking though! really liking the color scheme.
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Hi ...dear tahra...!!!
"This Wonderful Art "
"red skin "
Digital Art / Paintings & Airbrushing / Illustrations / Conceptual
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
if you don't mind...
Have a nice regards

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Wow, great colour scheme!
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Is that three horns or two with a weird hair thing?
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Oh,I love the red skin and her hair.
That sword....I totally want it ò_ò ahah^^
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awesome piece,i love the colors,and her hair
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i also think its a great job and a great style and im sorry but i have to say this i think the swords doesnt fit on the picture they seems out of place, like a last minute add, i guess you know what i mean.
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I featured you in my journal:[link] the theme is kick ass ladies.
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the top half of her body is cool. those arms are real long but watever, she's not human, right? that right leg is pushing it for me, tho. I get to much perspective of it coming towards me. I get that the smoke is lighting things up, but I think your giving it too much credit at the thigh near the pelvis. It's like: wat happened at the navel? You just cut rendering short after it.
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