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Love your work... is so oneiric
WOW >< nothing other to say!
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Wowww... the light..   beautiful^^
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:O do.............
there's nothing to even say. I'm just going to sit back and admire the art.
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Beautiful work! Would love the chance to collaborate with you. :heart:
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Amazing work! I love the design of the armor.
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the perfect woman warrior... I love her ight full of confidence :)
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Lighting love.
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The lighting on this one is like whoa.
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Stop that its impossible wonderfull!!!
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I know right! So inconsiderate :P
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love the sort of old feeling i get from this one, amazing work
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Seriously.... you are insanely good.
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incredible work!
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I love the background
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Everything about this is gorgeous. The level of detail you use is amazing.
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Since I can't critic this I'm simply going to write a long comment

1) The lighting is fantastic and the shadows play well off the slightly lighted areas. Excellent job balancing cold steel with warm flowers. The characters face is well lit and her body is displayed but in a subtle fashion. She is bot beautiful and dangerous looking which is a fantastic combination. I love how the shadows play across the side of her face giving one side a slightly sinister feel.
2) The character herself seems to have both a beautiful and kind side, while maintaining the "I'm a bad ass" aura. Her armor is both beautiful and somewhat functional unlike a lot of female armor. It's well designed and maintains a coherent aesthetic through out the entire piece. A fine balance of harsh sharp edges and delicate curves.
3) Overall the background is somewhat subdued but it accents her quite well. Adding to her own natural beauty with flowing lines and flowers, allows the armor to stand out and emphasizes the fact she is still a beautiful female.

Overall Excellent job, and I suspect I wont get a reply but I am hoping I will be honored with one.
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