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she need more armor to survive..
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I like how you took the impractical armor far enough that people know it's not meant to be practical.
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Artistically, this is great. Practically speaking, this is the worst-designed armor I have ever seen, lol.
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Female warriors don't need practical armor; they have boobs of steel!
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dat bulletproof pantie...nice
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I love the design, but I also love that you are aware that it is impractical^^
darkslyer7raven's avatar
you have got that right! 
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J'aime bien le style graphique
When I first saw this it made me think of The Five Star Stories' LED.  It somehow evokes a tragic sadness.
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very beautiful
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One should go by game logic. The less Armor a female have the more Armor points she will get ^^
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She has high magic resistance i bet you.
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Perhaps that's why she looks so anxious. All her vitals are exposed. It really hurts to show off. ;P
At least she looks like she could play keep away with a weapon of that magnitude.
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She looks... confused. Now where'd I put that shirt?
Fantastic work!
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i draw it : [link]
Hope that not disturb, Thx.
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I love the half-finished look!
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Attack at the weak point for massive damage.
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