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in the sky

She get lost.
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Beautiful. Really truly gorgeous work.
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wow love the wings
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Cool. The wings are my favourite aspect, then the clouds
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Wow I love your lighting.  I can feel it.  Incredible work! 
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Amazing work! I like this! ^^
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Wow, the coloring is superb! also how details was portrayed in this beautiful art c:
AcronymLoveSapphire's avatar
this is so beautiful, i love it! :+fav:
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Very clever the way the wings also mimic a large twin pigtail style trope. But the way the clouds glow and shine light on the whole picture is very impressive. Very delicate and almost porcelain like features to the character and her attire.
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I am looking for submissions for a sci fi and fantasy showcase book featuring talented artists. If you are interested email me at

The faq and other information can be found at the bottom of the homepage for the book.
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very good work!!!
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I think it's the expression on her face that does it for me, as though it's just an average part of her day.
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truly one more so special work :)
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it's got a nice surreal feeling.
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Your work are featured here [link]
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love the wings ,metal
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This really looks awesome! I really like how you painted this!:+fav:
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it's amazin,amazing,amazing bravo:)
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I love it! Good work!
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Such a dramatic and theatrical submission - a favorite from me ^^, well done
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