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gun suit

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nicely done! :thumbsup:
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O M G this is fucking amazing 
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I would love to make a 3d  model and animate this character if youd be ok with that
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I can use that gun for my tubal character. may I use it?
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Love this absolutely!
AssassinWarrior's avatar
looks like a concept of mixture of native people's traditional clothing + highly technological advanced suit.
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Love this piece, it just awesome. Are you planning on doing any more work with this?. Just curious.
invisibleraptor's avatar
That's some bada** body armor.
Gazzycakes's avatar
Love her expression, and the body suit is killer looking :)
Heretic1311's avatar
I especially like her cheeky look with her canine tooth. Even with the wild look in her eyes, it makes her more cute than intimidating. Remembers me a little about the GunMu/Battle Angel Alita manga.
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Cool! wonderful machine suit!
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My the best of
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All I can comment is... WOW.
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Um.... WOW!... sorry, that's all I can say.
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Can search for hours on end to find just one piece like this (X_x) DA is vast...
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I like this dot in your description!
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just beautiful
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