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By tahra
This is some knight's secret funeral.
She has pained face because met wrongful death.
Ship will drift out to sea with her corpse,white lily means pure and lily of the valley means stairway to heaven by canal.

*sorry my english is not good....

**I want to talk about your comments and emails, but I feel difficult to translate into English. sorry again...
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That's a beautiful image - mournful and melancholic. Great work!

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Her expression is hilarious. It's drowned out by the sheer beauty of this piece though. Excellent job!
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Makes me think of The Lady of Shallott
StraitOfMessina's avatar
I love this composition. A beautiful ritual mixed with the stark reality of death. What a great picture.
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Beautiful work! I really like the white lilies placed all around her and the eye-catching, bright red and gold fabric the knight is lying on, which I think honors her bravery and loyalty. 
Chryselis's avatar
I really like your story behind the art, I was going to comment on how haunting the contrast between her face and the bright light in the rest of the picture is. Really nice touch, lovely details, and gorgeous painting style.
Coriverse's avatar
Love the detail. <3
I just love this picture. THX for showing it to us.
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your english may not be good, but it makes sense :)
I liked this, it reminded me of the Lady of Shallot by Tennyson
Rhyolle's avatar
Whew! It literally took my breath away. Seriously!
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All I can say is.... wow.
6Nephilim9's avatar
Although I wish I could see more of the girls face...
dirkwachsmuth's avatar
Great composition and mood... i like your work!
FE1K0's avatar
Sad but beautiful.
Odilicious's avatar
Splendid work!
ParhelionSundog's avatar
I love that this picture tells a story.
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This is wonderful, your very talented.
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This is beautiful, and I think you did a wonderful job in the atmosphere, and mood of the image. Amazing.
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