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its beautiful, love it

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His concepts are really wonderful
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cool concept design
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I love this kind of design style so much. It shows raw talent the most.
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They Look Incredible!
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Reminds me of old school PC RPG manual artwork.
Those are...beyond amazing! They are absolutely beautiful!
Is that meant to be the same armor on both models? Like, the male-female versions?
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Those armors look awesome.
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I can't get enough of your work Kyoung, it's seriously some of the coolest and freshest stuff out there!
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Dat badass character design!
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jon snow and igrite they remind me of
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I love every kind of armor duet (don't know if it means something haha)  cool :)
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Looks great and so on, but this woman's armor isn't really enough for, you know, an armor.
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Why is that a problem?
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In my opinion, because of it, the picture is missing the climate. I just believe it'd be much better if her armor was fuller.
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Fully agreed! The last part any woman would want to bare in cold climate is her breasts or groin.
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Maybe there's tactical advantage in distracting the enemy with bare flesh.
CharlotteHintzmann's avatar
Maybe there is more of an advantage in not freezing your boobs and genitals off ;).
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