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dead cat

i see dead cat on street.
i can't do it like this little girl.
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This is so sad! Poor Kitty. That little girl should not be introduced to something so sad. 😢
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Incredibly beautiful. Very touching and sad. Good job.
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You did a fantastic job. And so sad...
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I found my cat dead on the street a few days ago...
GoldenBrownNugget's avatar
that poor cat :(

ficking traffic is too dangerous to exist sometimes
life looks just as cruel as it seems to be
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a very emotional pic
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[link] pleas check this, someone use this work...
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So sad... And so beautiful :'(
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People make me so angry sometimes... I have five wonderful cats at home and they have all been rescued either while freezing on our front porch during winter or given to us by acquaintances who didn't want to neuter theirs and who (o surprise!) got stuck with unwanted kittens. :doh:
Whenever I see a dead cat on the side of the road, I just feel like taking a picture and posting it everywhere to say "See what happens when owners aren't responsible enough to keep their pets away from the streets and when drivers aren't careful!" :shakefist: But for the animal's dignity, I couldn't.
Just last week, I saw another one that had been hit by a car as I was coming back from work. I got out of the car to see if there was something I could do, but it was too late. I don't understand why people never stop for animals. I'm probably gonna sound creepy, but now I always carry medical gloves with me in case I would come across an animal, because even when they're already dead, I just can't leave them there to get run over again when I can get to them without getting in danger myself... And when they're just walking by and won't let me approach them, I try to at least scare them away from the street. I don't care what people think, to me it's almost as tragic as if there were people being left to die on the roadside and I can't bear it. :disbelief:

Anyway... sorry that this turned into some kind of rant against society. ^^; It was just to say that I understand that feeling of sorrow and helplessness, and there are times when I regreted not doing more. I too wish I could always do like the girl on the picture... Your drawing is heartbreaking but also beautiful.
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Both my kitten and puppy got hit by a car.
The kitten when I was 8 years old - mum found her while she was riding on her horse.
And my puppy was only 2 years ago when I was 12...
I now hate roads, cars and stupid drivers... I mean, don't get me wrong I hated their guts before..but not so much I wanted to choak them with a slim, piece of wi- sorry..i'm..getting gruesome. ;-;
nice picture.. heh..heh..
AbbyssOfSins's avatar
very sad... maybe he is just sleeping... I hope so...
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I saw a cat that had one paw in a grave, it was literally in the middle of the street, wanna know what I did?
Fliaway's avatar
..I wan to know what you did. o.o is it too late to ask?
izzyizz303's avatar
I knelt by it and started petting it, hoping to ease its leave from this world to the next
Fliaway's avatar
Pardon me, Lass while I go and...hit a wall to regain my manliess (despite the fact I'm a 14 year old girl..)
izzyizz303's avatar
Why do you need to regain your manliness?
Fliaway's avatar
Because I teared up a bit of what you just said..
izzyizz303's avatar that a bad thing?
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This is both beautiful and somewhat sad. Incredible.
BuruArt's avatar
Good work!
RoseandBeast's avatar
...~crys~ poor kitty T^T
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It's reallu Beautiful & At the same time Quite Full of sadness
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