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character study 07

I think what If there was chemistry soldier in the Middle Ages.

on the assumption that they are existed... I think they could not use the germ.
probably, they used poisonous gas or black and red pepper.
if so,I think they are practical magician in the middle ages.

they don't expose their skin, were the antigas helmet on their head and a reserve gas bag on their back.
also they carry antidote on their belly and carry the dagger on their calf. dagger was last resort.
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I would kill to have a set of amour like that. Like the story behind it as well.
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would like to see him reach that knife at his boot :D
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the plague was at first used for chemical warfare
then it spread wildly and killed nearly half of europe at the time 
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i love the design and concept of this. would be an interesting class to see in a game. or a character in a fantasy setting movie and such. also great texture work
Throttled-Hen's avatar
I love the originality of this design. 'What ifs' always lead to better concepts. This one really stands out amongst the crowd. Very original!
RE1ZA's avatar
Hot as, looks lik something straight outa' dark souls
LiveForTheFunk's avatar
Do you use references for the armor/clothing?? Truly amazing!
RaylaOpal's avatar
O_O Woah. This is amazing! I don't know why, but when I look at the helmet, I instantly think of a fish for some reason... ^^
Squarepegroundworld's avatar
I think of a frog soldier!
badmrtoy's avatar
Beautiful, and very strange!
InkandRunes's avatar
Very nice. This style is very reminiscent of Final Fantasy and this particular design brings me nostalgia of facing off against the Totema Famfrit in Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. :) Very nice work and style. Keep the good works coming!
Razio's avatar
Same thing here.
This is a sweet character design love it
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I'm normally not into wizards and warriors, but this guy has so much personality. I really like the giant gourd and the over-sized Dark Souls-style helm. Very cool, mate!
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i think it would make sense if the body was armored, then the legs would be heavily armored as well.
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THis looks great! I specially love the rustic feel you've created with the hatching on this picture.
chackludwig's avatar
Ah the ideas I get from this...
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