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tail? or neck?
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I'm listening to A Dimly Lit Room by Ennio Morricone.

The last of his kind. He's lived alone all of his years. He's never left this place. And now his time has come. With some effort he crawls onto the scratchy though moist ledge of land; he's too weak to go any farther than this. He listens to the flying creatures sing as they flit and float through the heavy damp air above him. He closes his eyes and they sing him to sleep. he closes his eyes and never opens them again.
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Neither, it's a slug!
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Superb dreamy scene... L:heart:ve it!
Harlock-le-Fleau's avatar
Probably a tail!!!
snoopcat99's avatar
So beautifully mysterious and a little creepy :D
PattyHatesGiraffes's avatar
do do do.....hhhhmmmmm i think tail probably...?
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Mmm... tail.


Big fella.
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i love this work!
Wonderful corel !Wonderful work !
You are a master of lighting. This is very soothing to look at.
mk-kayem's avatar
Tail, I think. It's a spooky drawing, you used the light perfectly.
TTSnim's avatar
Tail. It's very creepy, and very lovely. ^_^
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I love the mysteriousness of this!
NoctiferDesigns's avatar
Wow sehr schön :-) Mystisch!
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amazing atmosphere
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Tail; definitely a tail. Great job by the way.
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oh, SNAP.....I don't even want to imagine what's at the other end of that.. thing....
MareeH's avatar
Beautiful image, I love it!
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