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Portrait #50


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When a girl tells a boy she is in love with him, everyone agrees it is sweet and pure, but when one girl does the same to another, it is suddenly impure, they say. To them, the girls drip with sin, they want their attraction altered, to cater towards their comfort. When a guy kisses his girlfriend, it is loving, and adoring, met with coos and squeals, but when a guy kisses his boyfriend, it is disgusting. They call it sodomy, lustful, and unnatural. When a man proposes to a woman, it is heartwarming, and encouraged by loud cheers and clapping, but when a woman buys a ring to propose to the love of her life, who is a woman, as well, it bec


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Emoticonist advent calendar 2019 - letter 25 open


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Hi there, So here are some of my latest favs, which I believe could use some more favs and lovings. :) Link to my older features

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 Hello! My name is Alicia Cooper and I am a self-taught writer and photo-manipulation artist. I am also interested in colouring, digital/traditional art, literature, and artisan crafts. I joined deviantART back in September 2006 with not much knowledge in art creation or writing, but rather as an art appreciator and I wanted to share some short stories and fan-fiction I had written. Around this time I had also had the beginning ideas of a novel project (The Chronicles of Loreithia) which I wanted to someday write and publish. deviantART over the years has become somewhat of a second home to me that helped me grow as an artist and a writer,

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