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Skyfall project - closed

I've wanted to do an emoticon project for quite a long time now and suddenly I realized that I could have my friends help me. :) I want to thank dully101 (co host) for making all the pixels and Astrikos for help. :3

dully101's comment:
I want to say that this project has taken some time in production. And while I love what I have accomplished, pixel-wise, I want you to know that a project like this would not have been possible without Eitvys200's creative, and critical, eye. He has been a great help and so has Astrikos.


:bulletred: The size should be not bigger then 30x35. Format .png

:bulletblue: Entries must have a transparent background. if you really can't make it transparent, create the piece with a solid white background and I will make it transparent.

:bulletgreen: You can design your entries any way you want (but keep it family friendly please). We have created a few templates you can use or modify for your entry. Also we can't include any animates emoticons because it would limit color scheme.

:bulletblack: Your entry MUST include at least 1 emote. You can use stock emotes. You can find some at Pack-it-in

:bulletpink: Maximum 2 entries for person (decorations does not count as entries)


There are 3 types of entries:

1. The waiting line (not publicly available)

2. The jumping emotes (publicly available)

3. Other pixel elements. You can decorate the background that includes objects like: birds, clouds or anything else (please keep it in theme) (publicly available)

Emoticon Parachute Template by dully101Emoticon Parachute Template 2 by dully1012parachute by Astrikos

List of emoticons:

Waiting line:

1. Xanderpus -
2. SnowSniffer

Jumping emotes:

1. dully101 -
2. Eitvys200 -
3. Drakeshya -
4. SazLeigh -
5. TanteTabata -
6. zeroclipse -
7. Xanderpus -
8. SnowSniffer -
9. TheJohtoLegend -
10. Krissi001 -
11 shewolfzoroark -
12. Chibi-NinjaX3 -
13. ioanacamelia2000 -
14. GreenBombAngryBird -
15. SergiClar -
16. AdeleEevee -
17. conniekidd -
18. TB2374 -
19. TB2374 -
20. mmdcutiecookies -
21. kleinsimus -
22. NellyMonster -

We reserve the right to not include or use submissions that does not follow the rules stated above.

Emote Awards 2013 - Nominee by Waluigi-Prower
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Here you go! Keep up the awesome work Hat-a-chute by Shrewlad
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Shall I join it?
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Yes, you don't have to ask.
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Thank you n.n

Here you have sweetie ♥
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Thank you sweetie ♥
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here you go sorry it isnt the best xD
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Is the total number of jumping emotes limited???
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We will continue adding then until we will decide to stop :giggle: But only maximum of 2 entries are allowed for one person.
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Ok, then here's what I'd come up with! ^^…
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This is really coming along :la:
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