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100% Festival

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2018, 1:56 PM

otisdA1 by taho

I had a blast at the 100% Festival at Otis College of Art and Design this past weekend. It was great connecting with other artists and so refreshing to hear different perspectives on how to stay focused, inspired and productive. The varied insights from industries outside of gaming was very informative for me - as I tend to get tunnel vision at times when I don't branch out of my usual circle. How others approach setbacks was a powerful conversation because it's not too often you hear about this- primarily because people tend to gloss over the times they've encountered difficulties. It's so valuable to be able to share these experiences with others to keep expectations grounded, to bring home the point that things aren't always perfect but you can always strive to find creative solutions.

Here are some highlights I appreciated and would like to expound on:

ekud stressed that you have to go out there and get what you want. It's crazy how understated that advice is but it's so powerful. Approach the opportunities you want and you may just get them! This has definitely worked for me in the past. However, you must be prepared for rejection. Don't let it discourage you, take it as a challenge.

Firefly-Path mentioned the complexity of taking concept and design to finished product. I couldn't agree with this more, there's just so much that can happen in between and at times you must learn to embrace the process because what you begin with sometimes exists as merely a jumpstart and not an indicator of the finished product.

Billy Hicks on 'passion' for your craft:
All too often, we can find ourselves burnt out. We can't be inspired 24/7. But we need to dig deep and rekindle the reasons why we set out on this journey. I've hit that roadbump many times on this path.

I began with just one thing in mind : "Draw Something, Create Something!". In the beginning this advice seemed to suffice.

Now that I'm older and have so many responsibilities. Bills, Family, 401K, etc... The list goes on, it's easy to get lost in "I just can't do this anymore". That's where 'passion' comes in. Remember why you did this in the first place. If you can distill it down to one thing, for me it's just to create something. I've been extremely busy as of late, but I've managed to churn out some sketches because that's the reason I'm here and it's important for me to share my work!

Melanie Abrantes on outsourcing/delegating work to others:

This is another big one. Accepting when you can't do everything. It's tough to step back from a big project you've started and admit you need help from others when you went into it wanting total ownership of what you call "Your Vision". Another aspect is finding people to help and allocating resources to secure the manpower. In that sense what you're creating is a production pipeline. However, it is still beneficial to start small and in my case, for the game my husband and I are creating- I am looking to hiring the help of a colleague for some insights on UI/UX.

I hope you all enjoyed the livestream. I learned so much from it. I'm still learning every day!

dAotis2 by taho
45986509 2169174156455826 8363264875455053824 N by taho

Me with :iconbironicheroine: and :iconmattbmattb:

46091026 2169174096455832 3422981577909469184 N by taho

L-R : :iconekud: , Billy Hicks, Me

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Organization and Art

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 29, 2018, 11:06 AM

On the Go

20180818 101839 by taho

When I'm disorganized, it radiates into every area of my life. For me, organization enables productivity. I travel often (flying at least 2-3x a month) and have a family so keeping track of things is a must. I've written advice for artists in the past of a different mindset. I hope you enjoy my updated view on this topic!


20180717 143302 by taho

Having a workspace, even a small one, is a must. Even if you cannot maintain the same place, try to maintain a setup that you can assemble quickly. Here you can see my watercolor and sketch materials. They don't take up a lot of space, but they are (for me) conducive to an efficient workflow. Arrange things in a way that are neat but also coincide with how you work. The better you are at this the easier you'll find yourself able to create even when on the go or in new settings.


20180807 182510 by taho

I've recently posted on my social media that I'm putting a pause on buying sketchbooks. I'm also working to consolidate sketches from a number of books into one or two. It's nice to keep work but it becomes harder to revisit an idea or find a specific work when there's just too much of it. You can opt for digital organization but personally I find that having a tangible collection of work helps me decide on an area of focus better i.e. characters, environment, etc. Also, if you notice an ocean of characters and a scarcity of props or environment, you have a physical reminder that you may need to branch out a little more.

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KonMari Method- Sharing Our Experience

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 27, 2018, 1:09 PM

I'm sure a number of people (if not millions) have gotten into the KonMari method as of late. If you're not familiar with it, it's a method of tidying and decluttering invented by Marie Kondo. I would like to share our experience in cleaning and renovating my family home.

20+ years can mean a LOT of junk. All of this, by the way, is stuff my parents accumulated. A few things might've been mine, like a spoon, but this is what happens when you frequent garage sales every weekend. There is no end to what you can accumulate.

KM 2da by taho

Once you start you can't stop. Getting the momentum going radiates into an appreciation for neatness. This sparked the home renovation process, starting with the bathrooms. The kitchen is next. Emptying out cupboards unearthed food that had expired in 2005 and beyond- ick!

KM 3da by taho

I'd love to know if you're also doing this! I've found it very rewarding so far.

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Making Games with Unity

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 14, 2017, 9:50 PM

I got started on Unity about 3 months ago and have been crazy about it. It's such a powerful tool and I never thought I'd enjoy working in it. I had the opportunity to use it while at my last job working on the myVegas mobile games.

I've decided to revisit some concept art that I had really wanted to turn into a game. 

So far it's been very fun and inspiring!

Here is a short video of an early prototype for a game about ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang province of China. It is based on old concept art of mine. You can follow more of the process and development here:…

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20171205 201922 by taho
I left this panel on women in VR (hosted by Women in Animation) inspired and excited to learn new skills (and improve current ones) to work more in this field. My only experiences with VR have been my visit to Oculus Story Studio this year. Quill is an amazing way to draw and paint in VR, there's so much possibility for world creation. Baobab, Google and ILM are all doing amazing things with it, too. 

20171205 205423 by taho

20171205 191556 by taho

20171205 191620 by taho
Jaime Mo Logo 1024-e1510000729608 by taho

R Coco Header Mobile 1811d68e by taho

The character I designed for Osmo is being voiced by Pixar Coco voice actor Jaime Camil for their Spanish language release!…

Did you see the film? What did you think?
Mightywallet by taho
My mighty wallet design is in stores! If you can't spot one, you can still purchase  at…
Watch me sketch characters live tomorrow at 11 am PST on my Facebook page


Fb Promo by taho

Thank you to everyone that entered. I have reached out to the winners. If you joined and weren't picked, please understand that it is so hard for me to pick from all the great choices I had. I thank you for taking the time to enter and for sharing your characters' stories with me!


Hey all,

It's been a while since I did one of these, and I'm excited to bring more of your characters to life!

Back in 2014 I invited you to send me descriptions (with art examples, if you have them) of your original characters. I picked 5 to digitally paint.

Character Give-A-Way 2014 by taho


1. It must be an Original character, NOT an adaptation or reimagination of an existing character. Fanfiction characters that are original but supplement an existing character as either a supporting or sidekick will be subject to a case-to-case evaluation.

2. Images you've drawn yourself, or commissioned another artist to do, are helpful. But above all, a clear description is needed.

3. Send this to me in a note.

4. Please do not send it multiple times, I got 250+ submissions last time, so if you don't get a reply, it's simply because I'm carefully going over everything and don't have time to give everyone a personal reply.

5. Due Date is September 1, 2017 Midnight EST.

Good Luck!
Osmo-creative-set-monster-newton-masterpiece-top-q by taho

Osmo Sheet Brett by taho

Hey all, a game I've been working on with Osmo released some time ago. I realize I posted a journal entry in the past Osmo - a fun learning game for kids but never updated you with the launch.

Please check it out at !

Osmo: Monster by taho
Hey all, watch this cool video we shot at work to promote the launch of a new game as part of myKonami slots.
Watch here: [link]

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 4.11.27 PM by taho

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 4.08.41 PM by taho

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 4.40.35 PM by taho
First of all, thank you everyone who donated to the Dynomighty kickstarter featuring one of my designs. It went through and I'll be sharing more details soon! In the meantime, if you'd like to purchase any of my other designs, please check :…

I've been during watercolor livestreams during my lunch break sometimes. I quickly realized I needed to invest in some equipment to make better videos. I plan to create a Patreon or similar method of sharing my videos, process and art. More info to come in the future.

For now, please check out what I'd posted so far on my Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 8.45.42 PM by tahoScreen Shot 2017-04-06 at 5.27.01 PM by taho
Hi all,
AC-Share-Image(CoolBunnygirl) by taho

AC-iMac(Animation) by taho

I was chosen to be a part of Dynomighty's Kickstarter in an effort to mass-produce designs to be sold worldwide both online and at retail stores. 

Please head over to…  at 9 AM EST (NYC time)

Another dA artist Sh3lly was chosen as well, so happy to see her awesome art being promoted, too!

20170306 171204 by taho

I'm so excited that my friend 
Ilya Kuvshinov  :iconkuvshinov-ilya: has released his first art book. I am honored that even in a small way, I was able to help him with this milestone (after we went to Tokyo Disney Sea! ^u^ ). Also immensely happy to have witnessed him work and listen to his views that drive him to be the best he can be. Pick up a copy now:
Last year's convention also showcased a lot of VR stuff, it still had a strong presence now but it seems like the interest has waned slightly. Hoping to see some breakthroughs to renew my enthusiasm. From a general gaming standpoint, the new technology always sounds promising- if anything, it's new and new things are exciting. I have yet to decide whether it improves on what's already there. I always imagined (as a kid) that if I were to play in a virtual world, I'd want all the benefits of being in a real world, as well. Things as being able to run around and jump, etc. Having to think within the restraints of what my "gaming space" is and at what point my actions aren't registering optimally gets in the way of my experience. Hope this is something that can be addressed in the future, since I'm all about new ways of gameplay!

17098296 1872782133003453 4036393728809001036 N by taho

My co-worker Jose who specializes in 3D was really interested in Substance. His work is amazing and I love that I can learn about what more technical artists are doing because their work is so integral to game development. I've been dabbling in programs outside of my usual workflow lately. Some of these would include Esoteric's 'Spine' which I used heavily at my last game job. I'm impressed at how the nature of animation has changed by the way software influences the workflow and pipeline. You can get some super smooth and organic looking movement so much faster nowadays with the help of software.

17098582 1872782036336796 663273771961738764 N by taho

16998860 1872782113003455 133954396204423823 N by taho17021511 1872805496334450 141263676634881165 N by taho
17098159 1872782119670121 80346476369833145 N by taho17021556 1872782089670124 4086891998560637607 N by taho

Years ago, before I was working in the industry full-time, I'd hear people talking about the magic of networking. It's great to connect with people in the industry for many reasons (the simplest being it's just fun to meet new people and make friends) but from a career standpoint, here's what I've learned over the years:

(1) Meeting more senior and advanced artists who are doing what I do or what I want to do help me figure out a clearer path of action for how to eventually reach that point. Never be afraid to ask questions like "What kind of classes did you take?", "How much time do you spend drawing outside of work or during your free time?"

(2) I get to see what's actually out there. When I did a lot of freelance at home, my world was confined to just that- my home. There was the internet, yes, but I'd say I was still in a bubble when it came to my knowledge of exactly what was out there in terms of competing talent. As much as I love drawing portraits, my colleagues forced me out of my comfort zone and urged me to learn 3D animation, modeling, rigging, texture painting, etc. I'm not an expert but just having these skills at a basic level helps me be a better team player in the production pipeline.

And of course, GDC is usually the place I get to sync up with friends who I have not seen for years! Happy to run into my pal Brandon who I worked with on some indie titles in the past.

17022173 1872822712999395 7145719247046423643 N by taho17021995 1872822709666062 500690358228905654 N by taho
16997908 1872781956336804 6868527587874211122 N by taho
Hi all!

I'd like to thank everyone for the comments, likes, watches, faves and just being the reason why I continue to post my art here. I post pretty rarely now. I work full-time now as a mobile game artist. I barely check in but I do see through notifications that there's some activity so thank you for continuing to support my work!

I am more active on




My portfolio can be found at
I was asked by deviantART to beta-test what they are confident will change artists' workflows and productivity everywhere. The new 'ArtStroke', which is still in early development, is "DeviantArt's new wearable device that encourages daily creativity by recording every flick of your wrist. Just strap it on and grab the tool you're most passionate about. ArtStroke's built-in precision engine detects that you're about to get those creative juices flowing and begins counting your daily strokes for analysis via the companion app, available for iOS and Android. Brushstrokes, pen strokes, stylus strokes -- our cutting-edge technology will record and report your progress every step of the way."

2016 dA AF 1 by taho

After using it during my sketching sessions, I felt more excited about taking my pieces further just to see how far I could get my count to be. 

2016 dA AF 2 by taho

Sure to be a game-changer in wearable-tech, I feel so privileged to have been a part of this early testing stage. I hope it'll be released publicly soon so artists everywhere can be inspired to create more art everyday!
I had so much fun doing this!

Thanks Adobe and Skycar Creative for such a amazing opportunity!

Watch the video here:…
Download it on iTunes:…

20150620 161405 Wtext by taho
20150620 152904 by taho
Most of the crowd and :iconrobotnicc: in the foreground
Img 20150620 132418 by taho
Me and :iconk04sk: sketching away!!! Picture taken by :iconsynn-gi:
20150620 154619 by taho
Me and Isaac, the founder of Sketch Dailies. Thanks for the stickers!
20150620 152844 by taho
:iconk04sk: and Martin, director at Telltale Games
20150620 152851 by taho
Artist friends Jamie and Ubin Li.

I thought I had a bunch of other photos but when I got home they actually were [motion]-blurred or did not effectively
register, new phone troubles :/

Anyway, I had a lot of fun and sometimes I need to get out and draw outdoors for a change.
Big thanks to Toby Cochran  for organizing this event. I hope to attend future gatherings. :)

ACMHS ad by taho

The 2nd Annual 'Art is Healing' Fundraiser is happening soon!
Feel free to invite your friends in or happening to be visiting the Bay Area. They have a great reception (Read: food) and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. My art will be on display alongside some of my free 3x3inch business cards aka mini-prints! Consider purchasing some art (mine included) to benefit the programs for Asians/Pacific Islanders with mental illness.