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Z Q Nation

What do you get when you cross ElfQuest and Zombies?  An AU with a lot of bite.

When the question was asked this Halloween   "Which OC that you have ever played or would you invent for a Walking Dead/ Z Nation cross-over?"  I thought of this gal from River Twine Holt.  She had big muscles And a mighty fine way with a hammer. She also fit the no-magic ping since the Story seem to be beginning in about S9 E1 and the disappearances or sighting of certain Magic users is an existing mystery. 

S2E6   Seems to have been submitted as a backstory to a character.   So this could work on a fixed Timeline with a 13 episode slot.   Two stories  per season would work  too move story and people  - one driven by characters and one by plot - just to keep it going, eh?  Others will be needed or not as the contributions decide.

I will not be using this OC/Goldspice per say. The AU asks for a more self-elf character from me, (and I did not invent her, just played her), so . . .  I just combined us both with extras, and Goldsmash is now born on eqfa.  I still have a strange reverence for  "Persona Rights" and choose to sparingly use her - with respect for River Twine.  (And the Old Rules of Courtesy)
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I think this could be very interesting
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Wow. Kid.  You found your old  OC ElfQuest character.   Has IceStorm become the IceWolf?

Anywhoot . . Wish me luck on the new AU idea: ZQ Nation.  I believe it could be very fun to do a cross-over script- like seasonal episode or two once a year.. If you remember SweetWater's format you just know how weird it is going to be adapting a creators conclave into a working, story telling machine Online.  My mind is still real-ling with how to present the Guidelines.  In some ways it will be easier than running a Club . . . But all the same problems are there as well as new ones--but I am giving it the old college "try"!

Love you Baby Bear.  Auntie Tam

ps - wanna play and kick some Zombie corpses?  Since it is episode format you can play once or be part of the cast.