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Jewelry, Silver Clay 5

Silver and Stone Pendant. Send me no flowers.
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Oct 20, 2008, 11:44:59 PM
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I really like your work, such beautiful details, it shows that you really like what your doing, and you doing it so well!
What kind of limitations?is it harder to work with than say terra cotta? I'd love to talk to you about it, I've been considering it but the stuff is such an investment, specielly after you invest in the tourch, though I've been looking for a reason to pnvest in one.
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Hey Out There... I didn't buy a torch, just a very small kiln. You do need a toaster oven; it drys the Silver Clay for filing and sanding. The limitations to this medium include, but are not limited to: (1) it drys very fast (2) It does not adhere to itself very well (3) It cost way to much money :) (4) You Must open the package with total commitment to a pre-arranged project. For a Mood artist such as myself this was the hardest part! (5) All Gems must be able to withstand heat up to 1600 degrees or more. I believe the medium to be sooo worth the time and classes to learn: what person doesn't want to design their own jewelry? Bling Bling Bling A torch does have the ability to bake the piece, I just found it harder not to melt the stones or crack the Clay. Please remember Rule One- Find a medium that is just way to FUN to give up and DO it! Thanx for the interaction, I am VERY new at this. Tamarien
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uuuu, the commitment thing would be hard... but this clay it still seems worth it. thanks so much for the info, very far reaching, I've been talking to a fellow artist and jewery maker to take the first class together, so far we haven't been able to connect the dots to do it but we are both excited by the ideal of silver clay! when I finnally get to I'll post my success on line ( and probly my fialures cus I do that SO well :giggle:)
anfd for someone Very new at this your work does not show it.
wow. you're amazing with clay. :]
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Thank You. (blush) I really enjoy every form of clay. From SilverClay to green clay and Super Sculpey. I find Sculpey in the Firm to be the best for my originals. Silver Clay took at lot longer to master as it has many limitations.
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I like it very much :)
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Thank You.(blush) I really enjoy all forms of clay. Silver Clay was a lot harder to master because it has so many more limitations.
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