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Commission OC/ElfQuest Embala I

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I'd love to see those WIP snapshots and variancies! I'll contact you somewhen soon just to make sure to keep in contact.
*HECK ... I've just sent you an email!

I see hand coloring with color pencils, do I? ^^ I love this traditional way! And I love to see your take on it ... your imagination ... your style! I'll never look for someone else to do it "better". IF I'd ever ask someone else to give it a try than it's for for variance, not for "improvement". *hugs* As you've explicitly invited me to play with her I might give it a try "my way" ... whenever time meets mood. And I'll happily share the result with you.

Tell me about "rare online user"! ^^ Yes, I kind lived on the SoC ... and now the "new Scroll" at Fathertreeholt  is my home. But elsewhere ... I'm a rare guest and silent lurker. maybe I can change this habit  ... for special opportunities. ;)
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I did remember!   And I have "works in progress"  for you to see, and some really big close ups on the eyes with both elf ear showing and not.  I also remembered that Embala was a shapeshifter?  and that you like to play with images, hopefully you can find a better Colorist (I warned you I was bad at it).

Please just send me a copy with [whatever]  you do to fully enjoy her.  I would love to see her colored Well, so I have All copies and line art for You.

Thank you for your patience, and all the Kind words you always had for this seldom online user.
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And here is my girl in color. <3 Dreamy. Tender colors. Strong contrast. She has such a soulful glance ... beautiful jewel eyes. Her facial features and build are very elfquesty - between recent Elves and High Ones. And yet it's totally your characteristic style.
Her hair reminds me of waves and seafoam ... so fitting for Merbala. You've left her lower body open to imagination, so it can be both legs or a mertail.

Maybe you remember how much I like to follow WIP. This way it's an additional gift to see the the initial drawing going with the tender greyscale and the soft coloring.
Finding this in the morning brightened my day. Thank you so much, Tah-Marien. *hugs*