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FFXV - To Our Dear Ardyn fanzine submission


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FFXV - To Our Dear Ardyn fanzine submission


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FFXV - To Our Dear Ardyn fanzine submission

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FFXV - Per Aspera Ardynoct gift

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Inktober 2016 - Day 21- Cutiefly

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White Flame - English cover lyrics

My very first cry was somewhere deep inside of a forest no one had known. It was just like thunder, perhaps even anger, only with more purity. My destiny had begun. Asking the wind to tell me which way I should be heading is nothing more than irony. During the days of my youth, with all the options open, I'd still pick the unknown path. Deeply yearning for something, to the point of finding myself far too immersed, would leave me realizing that my peace of mind could be severed so easily. The sun, I pray, all to the sun. Just like a white flame, even in the short-lived summer, it draws closer, just like footsteps. If my loneliness is like

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