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Under the Darkness

Between all things chaotic and stress-inducing, this happened. @_@

This is one of my original characters, Morpheus, who you might recall from earlier work. I guess it's time to share a little more about him. D: Not too much, but still something!

Name: Morpheus Stellatene
Age: physically appears about 25-27
Species: Cambion
Hair: black
Eyes: royal blue
Family: Hypnos (father), Thanatos (uncle), Phantasos Morion (older half brother), Icelus Galena (younger half brother)

It all started with an exceptionally rough sketch, strangely enough. I wanted to try out some different coloring/shading techniques, but nothing was working and much limited time was wasted. OTL For a while, I did completely give up on coloring, hahaha.

There are some things I handled differently about presenting Morpheus this time around. He usually appears smug or is smirking, but he looks on edge here for a change. The guardian raven creature that's normally on his shoulders (a gift from Icelus) is not present. His wings are showing, which are black bird-type wings.

The title comes from a song I associate with Morpheus, which is "under the darkness" by C.G mix. You can hear the song (just please ignore the lame official music video, haha) here: [link]
Translated lyrics are here: [link]
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[link] Can these guys be best fwends? lolol jkjk
Morpheus gives me that Rebirth of Darkness (one of my projects) vibe which makes him a very stunning character hurhur. (And it's funny my character doesn't smirk as my picture in the link does and usually looks serious and on edge LOL) c; And I just adore ravens <3.
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Maybe they could all be friends, if they wouldn't mind the possibility that Morpheus would be a very touchy-feely friend. XD; It's funny when we do fun pictures of our characters only to realize they aren't showing their usual expressions, haha! Ah, I need to redo everyone's references sometime as well, nooooooo! Well, the visual novel comes first, regardless.
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I am in complete love with the way you colored and shaded his clothing, it looks so satiny.

I wish I had an Uncle Thanatos. :D
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Satiny textures and tones are fun~! Sometimes Morpheus' complexities can really drive me up the walls, but that's just the way it is, haha. Thank you muchly! :heart:

When you see this particular Uncle Thanatos, maybe you'll think otherwise. XD;
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Wow, I'm really loving what you've done with the blue and purple shading :D
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Thank you very much! The blue is kind of iridescent, thus there's purple. :3 Think of crazy silky leathery stuff, haha.
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do you do this all on sai paint?
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Not this particular piece, haha. I had Sai for a little while on the previous hard drive, then when that crashed and died, I had to go find Sai all over again. D: For this piece, I did a rough pencil sketch, then everything else was done with Photoshop after scanning in that sketch. :3 When doing things digitally, I generally color using Photoshop, but the actual lineart can be done traditionally (ink or pencil), done in Photoshop, or handled in Sai. Kind of depends on my mood at the time. I hope this helps! :hug:
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I wish I had photoshop
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If it helps anything, the version of Photoshop I use is almost certainly beyond outdated, hahaha. I wish I knew more free or extremely cheap art programs, then I'd be able to help you more. Photoshop is costly enough, but I believe that Painter is more expensive? That's another program I'd like to get sometime, too. Are there any specific art programs that you've been able to use currently?
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I have gimp and sai now.
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Awesome! How is Gimp? I've only seen it mentioned in some contests here before, but I've never tried it before. I'm glad you've been able to get some programs regardless! :3
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Its like photoshop knock off. Its pretty good. It's free too.
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I'll add it to the list of things to check up on soon then. :D It's like once you deal with Photoshop, a lot of other art programs aren't so tricky after that point. Even an imitation can still be great and very useful. :dance:
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AAAAAMAAAAZZZZIIIINNNNGGG! I really really like this picture. You said that the pose would be akward... but this is AWESOME-sauce. Morpheus looks really... hot. lolz. You say he's a flirty type right? He looks very serious in this picture.. which makes him look all the more AWESOME ^-^ Lovin it!
Tagami-Crown's avatar
I still think my brainstorming for the pose was still awkward, hahaha. Poor Morpheus has to suffer with the result, but he'll get over it soon. :P He's supposed to be attractive in some way, plus he has a habit of flirting and whatnot. And yes, this is the most serious business picture of him I've done. Most of the time, he's hanging out and stalking people. What will he do next? That's for me to know and for everyone else to eventually find out. XD I'm glad you like, Vicky! Here's hoping I can finish some more like this soon~!
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Oho, so this is the little brother! He's very cute, I love his expression, by the way.
i want to try drawing him sometime--NO MUST FINISH YOUR REQUEST FIRST

And also, I think Under the Darkness is very fitting for this piece!
kind of made me giggle because then i started thinking about kichiku megane, but please excuse me. i am a dirty dirty bl gamer D:
...does Morpheus wear glasses sometimes, by any chance? XD

Alright, I've rambled too much, but I love this! +fav! :love:
Tagami-Crown's avatar
:giggle: It's amusing to hear Morpheus being described as cute, hahaha. It is a good thing, though!

It's like, why so serious, Morpheus, he who 90% of the time acts like he's seducing someone. XD; There is a real serious side to him, so I tried to show that here. It all fits in well? Mission accomplished! :w00t:
You've played Kichiku Megane before, too? :0 Now I'm starting to wonder how many BL games you've gotten to try out~!
Morpheus wearing glasses? If he's in the human realm, I don't see why not, hahaha. Here, he'd probably be a touch far-sighted. XD
Morpheus: Stop everything! I must gaze upon your lovely form more closely! *puts on glasses*
He's that kind of weirdo.

I don't mind the rambling at all, hahaha! Thank you for the kind words, Rebecca! :huggle:
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