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Raiho wins

This might be in the wrong category, but it seemed to fit, so here we go!

I got my copy of Devil Summoner 2 in the mail yesterday, so here is Raiho is all of his plush glory. For the heck of it, he's beating up on my brother's Kyo (from Samurai Deeper Kyo) plush, hahaha!

Do want a Jack Frost plush sometime.
And an Adachi plush.

Haven't started playing Devil Summoner 2 yet, but I should do that soon. D:
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Was it Hemo that made that amazing Adachi plush?

I want it so badly. ;-;
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I feel dumb and cannot remember at all anymore, but you're probably right. I wish she made more. ;_; I'd definitely buy one immediately.
SerikaArenai's avatar
For serious. I have the pictures still.
Tagami-Crown's avatar
I don't any longer, hahaha. *hard drive fail!* Wanna see again and somehow ask her for one! D:
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Uhh, when I get around to it, I can e-mail the files to you? Note me your e-mail.
Tagami-Crown's avatar
It should be the same as my MSN address, hahaha. But thank you! ;_;
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Yes. Remind me to do that in a couple days.
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I wish they made a nice Jack Frost plush, then I'd have Raiho party down with him. For now, answer is no. ;_; But cute? You bet!
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I wish I could make plushies. I would so make you an Adachi one! <3
Tagami-Crown's avatar
You're so sweet! ;_; I really appreciate the happy thoughts, Vicky! :hug: I also wish I could make plushies, hahaha.
ShinHezekiah's avatar
SMT forever! WOOO!
Tagami-Crown's avatar
You bet, hahaha! :highfive:
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