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Apparently it's been quite a while since I last entered a contest. D: Well, this one is an entry for :iconzero-shift64:'s contest, which you can read about here: [link]
Just one day left to enter! We are supposed to draw ourselves with our own Stand, as inspired by the series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!
I realized just how much I don't enjoy or want to draw myself while working on this. XD; Work clothes for the win?

Time for the required information~!
Stand Name: Darker Than Darkness
(name reference: "D.T.D. ~Darker than Darkness~" by Buck-Tick: [link] )

General Stand Abilities:
:bulletred: climb on walls
:bulletred: hover temporarily
:bulletred: night vision
:bulletred: sink into shadows

Stand Special Moves:
:bulletblue: Darkness Night: encases the surrounding area in darkness
:bulletblue: Darker Wrap: encases self or user with its scarf to blend in with shadows or the darkness from Darkness Night
:bulletblue: Chameleon Crawl: creates false phantom images of its glowing segments to confuse foes
:bulletblue: Starry Shot: shoots crystal spears from its wrists
:bulletblue: Imaginary Black: central eye in its chest opens halfway to make any shadows it views act like quicksand
:bulletblue: Imaginary Red: central eye in its chest opens completely to make any shadow it views attack its owner; the effect lasts up to 2 minutes, after which the eye closes completely before recovering
:bulletblue: Darkness Submit: creates tentacles from its glowing segments to temporarily steal a shadow, paralyzing the shadow's owner

Stand Behavior:
:bulletpurple: Protective; will carry its user away from harm with or without the user's consent
:bulletpurple: Scans surroundings constantly
:bulletpurple: Viciously attacks with its claws if any harm comes to its user
:bulletpurple: More of a support type than power type, but will come to the aid of allies when needed
:bulletpurple: Functions best in areas without tremendous light and is weakened in bright areas

Rough Stand Design #1: [link]
Rough Stand Design #2: [link]
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Work clothes for the WIN.

Such a lovely stand~ Is all buggyandfluffyandmiffy and I shall steal it~.
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Hahaha, I'm glad someone thinks so! :hug: You're so kind, and I'm sure that DTD would appreciate the positive attention. :3 Thank you!
Indigo-Ashes's avatar
Haha~ An appreciative stand~.
NozomiHope620's avatar
SUGOI~!!! Tiara desu ne!!! SOOO COOOL!!! It really looks like you ^-^ :heart::heart:
Tagami-Crown's avatar
You're so silly, Vicky! :hug: I'm happy that I didn't completely fail at drawing myself, though! :D Glad you like~!
Ideya-Freak's avatar
DANG! Thats an awesome design! :D Good color balance, snazzy animalistic/armor hybrid look, and over all cool beans! XD Darker Than Darkness is very cool, I love his over all design and his abilities. Its great to see your entry. I hope mine comes out just as well when it's finished^^
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Aw, thank you for the kind words, Kookie! :cuddle: I actually still have my 2 or 3 rough drafts to get DTD designed, but that was a lot of fun, hahaha. The basic design was the same; it was the head that I was working on the most. I'm glad the outcome turned out just fine, yes! Neon glow is fun~!
I know you'll do a great job, and I will still wish you luck in finishing it soon. I really want to see it all colored in! :D You can do it!
Ideya-Freak's avatar
Hey, its ttrue^^ *hugs* Looks like it, from his detail. You might have to put his concepts up sometime! Can only imagine how big of a pain his head must have been getting right! XD And yes! Neon glow epically wins everything! XD
Thank you!^^ *hugs*
Tagami-Crown's avatar
I followed your requested and uploaded the two decent roughs here, which you can see in my scraps, but I've also linked them in the updated description here. :3 No crazy colors, just pencil sketches, but I hope you'll enjoy them somehow! XD
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