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Noise: Spiralscope

Entry #1 for the World Ends With You contest.

Spiralscope takes the form of a seahorse and has three basic attacks. It can unwind its tail while swinging it like a whip as the spikes extend, spew out deadly bubbles, and send out a sonic wave from its fin.

The spikier the seahorse, the better. :D Even with those spikes, it looks so huggable. I had a lot of fun with this one. ^_^

Noise concept and official designs belong to Square-Enix. I only own Spiralscope.
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DeBri13's avatar
WOW! thats awsum, i luv it!
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Thank you, BeeBee! :3
Kiehs's avatar
Aww, I can see why this was one of the winners. <3 Congratulations on that.

If they make a sequel, I'd love to see this in it. You followed the style so well.
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Aww, thank you, Kiehs! ^o^ Who knows what the future may hold. We might someday see a sequel with spikey seahorses floating around. XD I for one would be amused.

Nice Zelos icon by the way. :3
Rhapsodyinaqua's avatar
Nyawww another deceptively adorable baddie, thar! XD I love the tail attack, idea and I would love to see this guy animated! 8D Too bad animation is so haaard... ><
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Nobody expects the seahorses. XD Need plushie!

I'd love to see him animated, too! ;_; It'd be awesome to see it handled in the same fashion and graphics as the actual game. Animation takes a lot of time, which I don't have enough of. D:
penngregory's avatar
just love this image - I've included it in a feature "amazing creatures" - [link]
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Neat! Thank you for featuring this, Pentangled! :3
datamaster15's avatar
cool!!!! ^_^... i wanted to join the contest but i think i wont be able to do such things like that..ahaha..astig!!!
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Well there were different categories, so I'm sure you could have done something really nice if you did join in. :) Thank you, Datamaster!
Tagami-Crown's avatar
XD Glad you like!
smooshfaced's avatar
Lovely concept and execution! Seahorses FTW. :heart:
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Yes, more seahorses for everyone! :D Thank you very much, Smooshfaced! :3
very interesting i like your style
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Thank you very much, Hoshitotsuki! :3
Darklaw13's avatar
I love the black seahorse.
Amazing work.
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Ah yes, the rough design drawing version. :3 It's still so huggable, and I'm really glad you like it too. Thank you, Darklaw13! ^o^
amari9's avatar
CooooL nice work! it fits quite good in the game! ^^
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Have you gotten to play the game yet? :D I'm flattered you think it works to the style. Thank you, Amari9! ^o^
amari9's avatar
Nope, haven't played the game yet. But by simply looking at it, I can tell it makes a good enemy in the game. ^^

Just wish this entry won & it's put in the game. Then you'd know I'm right. =p
Tagami-Crown's avatar
I hope you get to try the game out soon! :3 *still hasn't played yet* XD

This can't be like the original Kingdom Hearts with having a special monster boss thrown in just for a contest, but it would have been pretty cool if that was the case. @_@ *imagines* Who knows what the future may hold though!

If I knew how to make animated gifs, then I'd give a try with animating these creatures. XD
amari9's avatar
That would be cool! Hehehe. I actually imagined things this way if your entry won:

*The characters walk around the Shibuya District looking for the next big thing in the Game... A few meters ahead, a giant aquarium display was broken into. All the water from the tank has been drained & the street is flooded. The characters continue walking & suddenly stopping with a conversation. "There's something strange in the water..." And then, WHOOOSH!!!! The Spiralscope appears & shrieks with terror at the heroes. Then, they all take their stance for battle.*

Wow, I could almost make a novel on this thing. Hahaha!
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