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Mightyena for Manderina

This is my half of a delayed art trade with :iconmanderina:. She happened to request a Mightyena, so here you go!

First time drawing a Mightyena, which are pretty neat by default. :heart:

To see :iconmanderina:'s half of the trade, take a look here:
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Awesome :D I love seeing Mightyena in action

Tagami-Crown's avatar
XD Glad to oblige~! :highfive:
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Wow, awesome!
I love Mightyena and your looks really great! :love:
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Thank you very much! Glad to know another Mightyena fan approves of my rendition! :highfive:
FadingWater's avatar
it looks great! i especially love the lightning ;D
Tagami-Crown's avatar
Thank you very much! :3 I was looking through the possible moves that a Mightyena could learn and do, but I wasn't ultimately sure which one to use, haha. Evil lightning makes it all better, haha!
FadingWater's avatar
Ho problem! Hahah, there are a lot of cool moves, I admit XD
And yes! Evil lighting is awesome :D
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Aww I like the lightning!
Mightyena and Poochyena were my favorites. Oh heck, I like all the dog pokemon XD
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I had fun with the background~! There was a span of time where I couldn't really figure out which of my rough ideas I wanted to stick with, but at least it worked out in the end. :3 Given those two, I prefer Mightyena because it looks more ferocious and majestic, haha. Thank you, Rebecca! :glomp:
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