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Naruto Alone

Strike while the iron is still hot, as they say... hehe. I finished this piece while I'm still in a "drawing mood." Days like these come very rare indeed. 2 devs in a row.

Naruto fanart.

I've always wanted to draw Naruto doing something un-Narutoish. ^_^

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I know how Naruto feel, being alone and noones there, I often feel the same Way. That's why I feel conncted with him.

This Picture makes me want to hug Naruto, to ensure him that someons there for him.

Really a great Masterpiece ;)
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This is absolutely amazing, brings back memories from the beginning episodes.
This is so touching and beautiful at the same time <3
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Rlly touches the heart...
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Don't worry naruto-kun! Friend-Chan is here *snuggle snuggle* 
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Dont worry Naruto i know how you feel
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Loneliness despite every single try to catch anyone's attention. How ironic.
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NOOOOOH!!! DONT LOOK SAD! IM HERE!!! *huggles him* X3
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This expresses the sadness and loneliness he'd faced so much in his life, I love this piece of him because it just strucks a chord in your heart. I've also faced stuff like Naruto did but because of him, I'm happier than ever and never have to return to that swing (in my mind symbolizing the darkness that's in people's lives, it's like a place for that person to just give up and let loss this...dead part of yourself).

((Yay for Naruto! Thank you Kubo~! For makng such a wonderful and exciting series!!!))

((Sorry for the art rant here, I look for deeper meaning in them and I like to share that with the artist. Hehehe. ^-^'))
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light and shading, light and shading... that's what i love in this pic :D
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nice, i love it ^^

can i use your work ?
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Aaww!! Poor Naruto-Kun! :tears: *sniffle*...He needs a H.U.G :hug:
I Know how it feels like being lonely and not having any friends!
I was very sad and lonely in Elementary! :cries: :C
Nice artwork, by the way. :heart:
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oooohhh so sad :( but naruto is my favorite character ^^
naruto, one of my favorite characters. <3

I love Naruto and Itachi!
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cool! but poor naruto,feel sorry for him his alone ''CRY''....
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Great picture.
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its sad but i like the colors
great job
check out my gallery plz!
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Its such a sad drawing :(, but i realllyyy love it :) it makes me imagine hugging me sweet naruto!
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