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1.Do not look ahead
2.Do not kill off characters unless otherwise specified
3.When you're done, link back to the blank meme and post your finished meme in the comments section for the blank meme.
Pick 10 characters. You can pick characters from TV/books/games/whatever, OC's, or heck, you can pick your friends. I don't care who they are.
It's recommended that you pick characters from similar-ish universes, but whatever, it's your meme.
1. It's another ordinary day at 5's house. He/she decides to kick back and relax. What is 5 doing?
2. 5 starts to drift off and has a dream about 7. Tell us about this dream:
3. 5 is awakened by the doorbell. He/she goes to answer it, and lo and behold! It is 7. Describe the ensuing conversation:
4. What happens next?
5. All of a sudden, they hear a loud crash from outside. Who goes to check it out?
6. Suddenly, ZOMBIES! Hundreds of them! Let's get the investigator's reaction:
7. You thought this was going to be a shi
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