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Amiibo - Breath of the Wild Armour Set[17-23/25] by Chromel Amiibo - Breath of the Wild Armour Set[17-23/25] :iconchromel:Chromel 122 5
Dark Link X Reader - Capitulate CH.10 Finale
Chapter 10 - Never Surrender
Satisfied, I strapped my shield and sword onto my back, before kneeling beside ___. I brought her upper half into my arms and lowered my head down, pressing the side of my face to her chest. I paused, before letting out a sigh and lying her down. I looked over to Link to see him over a passed out Zelda and watched as the rest of Ganondorf's spirit fled the room. Link looked to me in question.
"You go loosen him up for me, I'll stay with the girls until one awakens." I stated. He nodded in agreement, before rushing out of the entrance to the tower. I looked down at ___ and brushed some of the hair out of her face. I noticed she was wearing the tunic I bought her... She had better liked it...
I was still mad at her, but it is my fault she's in this mess...
~Reader's P.O.V.~
Your head was throbbing and a stinging feeling was erupting from your arm. You were regaining control of your body. You slowly felt yourself gain consciousness and you willed yourself to o
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 19 6
Dark Link X Reader - Capitulate CH.5
Chapter 5 - A Stark Contrast From the Past
You and Dark sat across from each other, wrapped in blankets in an attempt to get warm. Your soaking clothes hung on some trees beside you and you wore some casual clothes. He stared at the light from the lantern, not moving.
"Dark... What did happen?" You finally asked. You knew about an hour has passed since the incident and were hoping he might be comfortable with talking by now. Dark blinked, before raising his eyes to meet yours.
"I was just looking around for monsters, when suddenly this adrenaline shot through me... I was surprised at the power I felt and when I saw you... I was disgusted at all the light I saw. I wanted nothing more than to tear you to shreds..." He closed his eyes. "You should have killed me... You've had two chances and dismissed both... Either you're a real idiot or..."
"Or what?" You asked, a bit interested.
"Nothing, you defiantly couldn't be what I was thinking." He shook his head. "How did you change me back?"
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 11 6
Dark Link X Reader - Capitulate CH.9
Chapter 9 - The Puppet Master
You decided the best thing to do first was warn the guards and maybe princess about Dark's intentions. They could help. You hesitantly stepped up to the castle doors and was stopped by two guards.
"Your entrance is unauthorized. Do you have any business in the palace?" They asked, looking you over suspiciously.
"No, but I wish to warn any soldiers and maybe the princess about a dark presence that may wish to harm the kingdom. He's currently hunting down the hero." You almost pleaded, looking to either for help.
"We already know of the threat of Zant." Zant? Who was that? Please let it not be another villain wishing to take over the kingdom. "Now run along."
"No! This isn't Zant! He's a doppelgänger of the hero, he calls himself Dark. If we don't do anything, he could-!"
"We've heard enough!" They cut you off, holding up their spears. The palace doors opened up and another guard stepped out.
"The princess wishes to see the commoner. Lower your weapons.
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 10 6
Dark Link X Reader - Capitulate CH.7
Chapter 7 - Serenade of Water
___ sat up against a pillar, slowly working on bandaging her torso with some old rags. She looked up to me, hearing that the fighting had ceased. I limped over to her, feeling my energy quickly begin to leave.
"Dark, are you alright? Is he really gone?" I collapsed at her side and felt my eyes begin to droop. I felt my body begin to shift, again as I returned back to normal. I found myself on my back, staring at the ceiling, but my vision was quickly going dark. I closed my eyes as I felt something soft and warm trace my cheek. "Dark, stay with me..."
~Reader P.O.V.~
You sat up against the door to the fortress, breathing softly. You couldn't stand another moment in there, hearing the whispers from the spirits of the past haunt you. Dark's head lied on your lap as you watched his chest rise and fall with his breaths. You were worried... That spirit... It really took a toll out of him.
You felt your heart ache and you began to scold yourself. Dark is an acco
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 9 11
Dark Link Cry by darkmedolie Dark Link Cry :icondarkmedolie:darkmedolie 4 2 Dark Link and Dark Epona by Simdrew1993 by Simdrew1993 Dark Link and Dark Epona by Simdrew1993 :iconsimdrew1993:Simdrew1993 2 0
Dark Link X Reader - Capitulate CH.4
Chapter 4 - A Turn of Events
Dark slipped the boss key into place and turned it. The door groaned underneath him, as he pushed it up, revealing a large, dark and ancient room. Cobwebs were strung everywhere and you shuttered at the sight of it. They were abnormally large.
You looked back to find the door had disappeared along the shadows and jumped when you heard Dark gasp. He grabbed your arm and pulled you beside what you assumed was a pillar. Where you both were standing was now a long strand of lava thread, at least from its looks.
You looked up at the source to find a disgustingly huge spider, with a huge eye on its back. Dark rolled out, unhooking his arrows and aimed it at the eye. It shot dead-center and the spider tumbled to the floor. It twitched around, attempting the get right side up, when you noticed the structure in front of it was a statue.
You ran forward and clicked your rod on. The statue matched your movements, as you swung the rod down, smashing the spider. It esca
:iconthecorruptedpaladin:TheCorruptedPaladin 9 3
Zelda: Dark Children Trailer by spikerman87 Zelda: Dark Children Trailer :iconspikerman87:spikerman87 2 4 Mochila Zelda by artguieo Mochila Zelda :iconartguieo:artguieo 0 0 CoPy ThAt... by FlyingGopher45686 CoPy ThAt... :iconflyinggopher45686:FlyingGopher45686 3 0