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Zack stock 7 by da-toss-stock Zack stock 7 :iconda-toss-stock:da-toss-stock 735 135 Wig Hairline Tutorial by Malindachan Wig Hairline Tutorial :iconmalindachan:Malindachan 3,872 162
Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Kadaj
           “The next player, the second person from the middle of the red couch” Yuffie looked up from the piece of paper she held in her hands. “I think, that would be you.” She grabbed your hand and brought you back up to the center of the room. “Okay, go ahead and pick.”
You nodded and placed your hand inside Yuffie's hat. “There sure is a lot of stuff in here.” Not wanting to take up to much time, you grabbed something near by. You weren't sure what you picked, even after you had lifted it from the hat. It was a small vial with a strange green liquid in it.  “What, exactly am I holding?”
“It's mothers DNA, or a replica of it.” Kadaj walked towards you, an almost wicked grin covering his face. “My brothers and I have been working on a way to reproduce mothers DNA for quite a while now. We're getting very close.”
“Yeah, that's... Cool and all, but you two shoul
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Ben 10 Omniverse Sprites by BrendanBass Ben 10 Omniverse Sprites :iconbrendanbass:BrendanBass 490 197 Kitty family tree -Firestar- by AnnMY Kitty family tree -Firestar- :iconannmy:AnnMY 357 151 ZACK FAIR by butler2k9 ZACK FAIR :iconbutler2k9:butler2k9 439 68 MMD Hinata DL by MMDKasumi2140 MMD Hinata DL :iconmmdkasumi2140:MMDKasumi2140 192 77 CCFF7- Grave hours by meru-chan CCFF7- Grave hours :iconmeru-chan:meru-chan 3,456 347 final fantasy vii deadly sins by EatToast final fantasy vii deadly sins :iconeattoast:EatToast 4,267 634 Final Fantasy 7 - Wallpaper by evilgun Final Fantasy 7 - Wallpaper :iconevilgun:evilgun 370 15 FF X Kingdom Hearts RPG Demo by ElinTan FF X Kingdom Hearts RPG Demo :iconelintan:ElinTan 3,245 1,508 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Lysergic44 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers :iconlysergic44:Lysergic44 546 96 please watch FF7ACC :D by semokan please watch FF7ACC :D :iconsemokan:semokan 3,132 479
Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Cloud
         "Heya, hurry it up, you're making every one else wait you know." Yuffie waved you over to where she was standing in the center of the room and held out a large hat for you. "Now pick something, and make it good." She pointed a finger at you.
You swirled your hand around in the hat until something pricked your thumb. "Ouch, what the heck?" Lifting the small item out of the hat you recognized it as Cloud's earring. "Hey Cloud, I got your item, lucky you huh?"
"Yeah, lucky me." Cloud stood up, sighed and walked over to you. "Lets get this over with already." He took the earring from you and placed it back on his ear.
"Come on Cloud, why do you have to be such a downer?" Yuffie tugged at his arm, leading him in the direction of the closet. "Can't you just have fun for once?" She shoved Cloud in the closet with you. "Now don't be all boring or I won't let you out. See you in seven!" She gave you both a bright smile and shut the door tight.
Flopping himself
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JLA by ToPpeRa-TPR JLA :icontoppera-tpr:ToPpeRa-TPR 889 69
Don't Go Sephiroth X Reader
        You walked completely alone, back to what you now called home. The wind blew straight through your clothes, sending shivers all the way to your bones. The cold did nothing to help make this now empty city feel more inviting. Even the birds were all gone away. The trees were bare, there were no flowers, no grass. All that was left was the remnants of what used to be. You pulled open the heavy wooden door to your home and let yourself inside. It may actually be warmer outside than in. After a quick look around, you saw no sign of anyone being home. “I wonder if he left.” It was just as well, Sephiroth wasn't the most pleasant person to be around. “It's freezing in here, I'm going to freeze my toes off.” After quickly walking to the stove, you lit a fire in it and boiled some water for tea. Trying to warm yourself, you huddled close to the stove and held your hands out for heat. You heard a loud slamming noise come from upstairs, followed by the loud bangin
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MMD Disney PACK by Pucaroo16 MMD Disney PACK :iconpucaroo16:Pucaroo16 486 166 Power Rangers by smalltownhero Power Rangers :iconsmalltownhero:smalltownhero 713 96 Aliens by BrendanBass Aliens :iconbrendanbass:BrendanBass 193 36 MAN of Steel ep.01 by daekazu MAN of Steel ep.01 :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,860 177 Aww... aren't they adorable? by lucrecia Aww... aren't they adorable? :iconlucrecia:lucrecia 2,578 255 MMPR: Megazord by kyomusha MMPR: Megazord :iconkyomusha:kyomusha 676 112 A Series of Tubes by AshleyCope A Series of Tubes :iconashleycope:AshleyCope 2,851 407 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Know-Kname Mighty Morphin Power Rangers :iconknow-kname:Know-Kname 1,209 238