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Makkachin! {Victor Nikiforov x Reader}
Soulmate au where the name of your SO is tattooed to your arm. Enjoy!
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You knew him. Well, you didn't know him, but you knew who he was. Your soul mate. The person you were destined to be with.
Victor  Nikiforov.
That name is forever tattooed on your arm, his name beautifully written. You knew, the moment you saw him on tv that you were destined to be with him.
He skated elegantly on the ice. And you knew his victory was because of dedication, hardwork, and talent. You were proud to know he was yours, at least you hoped it was the same for you. He never showed the public the name on his arm, saying he wants to find his soul mate on his own.
You glided your fingers over his name as you saw Victor skate his program on television. Apparently, this competition was set in your city, though you didn't have the will to go to it. A part of you believed that revealing yourself to him would be selfish. He has such a fantastic career set for him,
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