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AtemxReader: Thief to Princess Epilogue
You nervously tugged at the top of your white dress that fell to the floor and trialed behind you. Today was the big day, the day you would marry the love of your life, Atem, and would become the Queen of this kingdom. You felt more nervous then back in the days you were forced to steal bread to survive.
You heard someone giggle behind you. "Stop fusing so much (Name), you look amazing." You turned to face the two girls that were helping you get ready. Mana, Atem's childhood friend, was the one who had giggled at your nervousness. Standing next to her was one of Atem's Priestesses, Isis.
Isis stepped forward, holding a beautiful headdress for you to wear. "Mana is correct, you look beautiful (Name)." She gently placed the headdress on your hair and made sure it was in place. "There that looks perfect."
You smiled at the two. "Thank you both for your help."
"Of course!" Mana exclaimed, beaming at you. "Atem will be speechless when he sees you."
"You really think so?" You touched the jad
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