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AtemxReader: Thief to Princess
It was another grizzly day in the Kingdom of Egypt. The citizens kept their heads covered and tried not to pass out from the burning heat that threatened to take a few lives. Even with the heat though, the city was bustling with life as people went about their days. The heat wouldn’t stop them from doing what they needed to, to survive. No matter what that was.
“Hey! Stop! Thief!” The shopkeeper yelled as the figure in a black cloak pulled over their head hiding their face, as they darted down the street away from the man’s stand.
You ran down the street dodging the other people on the street. Tucked under your arm was a loaf of bread that you had snatched off the man’s stand. It’s not like you enjoyed stealing, but you had to do something or you would die. Your parents had died when you were a child. They were simple merchants so there was no money after they died so you were tossed out into the street. You had tried to work, but no one wanted to hi
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AtemxReader: Thief to Princess Part 2
"I can't do this." You cursed, throwing the quill onto the table in front of you. The ink splattered on the piece of parchment, which had several scribbles on it.
"Even a child can learn to write their own name." The scribe commented, a look of pure boredom in his eyes. Ever since Atem had announced that he was going to court you, the scribes, priestess and every other noble had been treating you coldly when you weren't in the presence of Atem.
"They have been learning to read and write for years, I'm just starting." You mumbled under your breath. You had never learned to read; there was no one to teach you. When Atem found out, he offered to have his scribes teach you to read, as well as know basic math and history. You took to math quickly; counting and adding money came to you easily. In history you were doing well; it was interesting to hear about the past. However, reading and writing were giving you a much harder time.
"So you're saying you are dumber than a child?" The scribe sm
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