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Mrs. Hudson ships Johnlock. by BeccaLilyJoyce Mrs. Hudson ships Johnlock. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 2,262 404 [MMD] Fallen Angel DL by Kowaii-Kaorry [MMD] Fallen Angel DL :iconkowaii-kaorry:Kowaii-Kaorry 548 36 Fisheye Placebo: You Are Free by yuumei Fisheye Placebo: You Are Free :iconyuumei:yuumei 26,516 770 Mane 6 and Spike - Rainbowfied Group Photo by CaliAzian Mane 6 and Spike - Rainbowfied Group Photo :iconcaliazian:CaliAzian 1,154 111 .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot .: Read the comments :. Stamp :iconbeti-kot:Beti-Kot 36,529 1,270 Super styles - .psd by t1na Super styles - .psd :icont1na:t1na 672 114 S7M  Photoshoot by doubleWbrothers S7M Photoshoot :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 1,510 196 photoshop action no.7 HIGH KEY by bellalleb-stock photoshop action no.7 HIGH KEY :iconbellalleb-stock:bellalleb-stock 566 259 How to start with pixel art by vanmall How to start with pixel art :iconvanmall:vanmall 2,340 478 OH MY GOODNESS!!!! by BlackandRedCynicXD OH MY GOODNESS!!!! :iconblackandredcynicxd:BlackandRedCynicXD 343 145 Freddy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's by GEEKsomniac Freddy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 2,938 382 How to draw TREE BARK tutorial by STUDIOBLINKTWICE How to draw TREE BARK tutorial :iconstudioblinktwice:STUDIOBLINKTWICE 863 32
You wanna' swap? {Levi x reader}
WARNING:  This is a little confusing so it may not make sense in some areas, I'm the author and somehow I managed to confuse myself a little. Swearing obviously, I mean Levi is in it, Of course there will be swearing. If you see any places where it doesnt make sense feel free to say.
"Hanji, this is a terrible idea" you tilted your head and gave the most serious look you could muster as Hanji just laughed it off.
"No its not" she smiled as she started putting the finishing touches to the machine she had been building all week. "If anything, this is the BEST idea I've ever come up with. Finished"
You looked at the now finished machine and frowned "You really think this thing is going to make the Lance corporal a nicer person?"
Hanji nodded furiously "Yep, one blast of this and Levi will be as sweet as strawberries"
"That's honestly a bad idea. A nice person might not be needed when killing titans, what is when we hit him with this he's too nice to kill them?"
"I'm a lovely person a
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Apple A Day by Doctor-Gus Apple A Day :icondoctor-gus:Doctor-Gus 4,720 779 Idol Master - Base edit by KICKASS-Bases Idol Master - Base edit :iconkickass-bases:KICKASS-Bases 2,437 219 Underground by yuumei Underground :iconyuumei:yuumei 33,836 1,178 friends are inspirations stamp by piijenius friends are inspirations stamp :iconpiijenius:piijenius 3,003 287
Italy x Reader - How to say 'I Love You'
 Ring ring ring
 Ring ring ring
 "Mmmph... stupid sounds, why won't you shut up...?"
 Ring ring ring
 "Five... more minutes..."
 Ring ring ring
 "Okay, okay! I'll get up if you just shut up already, stupid clock!" You cried before realizing you had been talking to an inanimate object. Sighing to yourself, you pressed the off button on your alarm clock and held your face in your hands.
 "I honestly wonder sometimes if I'm going mad..." You mumbled, shaking your head. As you groggily tried to rub the sleep out of your eyes, a sudden voice caught you off guard.
 "Vee~ _____, you're finally up! I was wondering when you'd wake up, bella!"
 Feliciano poked his head through your bedroom door before he bounced over to your bedside, his curl seeming to bounce with each stride that he took.
 "Oh, hey Feli," You said with a yawn. "Mm... I'm tired..."
 It took you another five seconds to finally comprehend what was happening at the moment.
 Feliciano was here
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45 Facts I Bet You Didn't Know About Black Butler
1. In episode 17, when Undertaker is in the pot of salt, Sebastian holds his handkerchief to his nose. This implies demons have an aversion to salt, whether it be rock salt or just salt in general. This wouldn't be such an outrageous statement, seeing as some other shows, movies, and books (ex. Supernatural) say that salt is good for keeping demons at bay by sprinkling a trail in front of doors or windows to keep them out of a house.
2. Sebastian is based off of a French inquisitor (noble, officer running a certain part of an area). How? "Sebastien" lived in 16th century France, and was most famous for his books on demon possession and classification. His books are still somewhat used today.
3. In the most recent manga arc as well as other times within the manga, Sebastian is seen wearing rosary beads along with his teacher outfit. Whether this be of arrogance or not, this shows that Sebastian is not affected by many "holy" things (ex. Rosaries, holy water, etc.).
4. St. Sebastian of M
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Grell/Reader - I'm Obsessed with You!
Grell/Reader One Shot - I'm Obsessed with You!
(Y/n) = Your Name
(L/n) = Last name
(F/n) = Full name
(N/n) = Nick-name
(H/l) & (H/c) = Hair length; Hair color
(E/c) = Eye color
I've got your picture on my wall.
I dream about you when I sleep.
I go out of my way, everyday, just hoping that
I'll catch you walking down your street.
I know just where you went to school.
I know the names of all your friends.
Oh God I've got it bad again,
An o-b-s-e-s-s-i-o-n.
I know your middle name.
I've got a lock of your hair.
I'm just a little bit insane,
Cause I think I see you everywhere.
My friends, they just don't understand.
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