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Yoshi makes Death Battle Eggcellent!
AKA: T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas (Real name)
First Appearance: Super Mario World (1991)
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Steed, Racer, Olympic athlete, Baker, and Political Leader
Affiliation: Mario and Co, The Yoshi's, and The Mushroom Kingdom
Likes: His friends, Birdo, Cookies, Fruit, Food and eating in general
Theme Song: 

Was one of the fabled "Star Children" who are prophesied to have "an extraordinary amount of power."
Kept Baby Mario safe (as well as tolerated his crying), defeated a giant sized baby Bowser, and reunited him with his brother Luigi on more than one occasion
- Banded together with the other Yoshi's to take back the "Super Happy Tree" from baby Bowser
- Assisted Mario and Luigi in saving Princess Peach from Bowser numerous times
- Has even faced and defeated B
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