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Roses are red... Grell x Reader
Roses are red…
't was the end of the season in London, most of the people were packing their bags to go back to their towns, including you. You sat in your hotel room looking out the window, but you weren't packing, infact, you decided to stay a little longer in London. "Hmm.. London is so beautiful" you smiled. You heard someone knocking on the door "Miss ____, there's a letter for you." "A letter?" you thought, you opened up the door and took the letter from the lady. "Thank you, here you go" you gave some money to the lady. "Oh thank you.. but this is too much!" "It's no problem." You smiled "You're a kind hearted woman.." the lady said "I see a beautiful man in the near future.." she smiled and walked away. You closed the door after her. "a beautiful man? Near future? Tss….yea right." You sat down on the bed and looked at the envelope.
To: ms. ____.
Hotel the Black Widow
2819 GS, London.
"Hm.. I wonder from who it is.." you thought and took out the letter. "An invitation?
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