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All New X-Men issue 25 page 22 by ToolKitten All New X-Men issue 25 page 22 :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 635 25 Inktober No. 28 by samanthadoodles Inktober No. 28 :iconsamanthadoodles:samanthadoodles 231 7
Wolverine-x-Baby Reader: Daddy's Girl
:bulletblue: Wolverine-x-Baby Reader: Daddy’s Girl :bulletblue: 

(F/n) was crying again.
No, not crying . . . screeching. And as Logan (her amused father) watched the baby cry with her little mouth open as far as it could go, he had to admit this his child’s vocal power rivaled Banshee’s. Not that it was something he needed his six month old daughter to prove, now or in fact ever.
“Come on kiddo, ya gotta stop sometime.”
When the wailing just got louder, the man sighed and picked the bawling baby up out of her crib. Gently, he bounced her in his arms in hopes to sooth her, but (F/n) only continued to cry her heart out. She had been at it for nearly twenty minutes now and apparently had no intention of stopping until she got what she wanted.
“(F/n), mama will be back soon, so you can stop crying.”
With innocent eyes (F/n) gazed up at him, before a new and definitely louder sob left her small mouth. Well the barg
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 699 130
Pranks - Deadpool x Reader
~~Author's Note: Prepare for Explosions of Randomness. You have been warned...~~~
“Rah! Dammit WADE!” You screeched. This was the fifth time today of him pulling a prank.
Wade laughed holding his sides together. “Ahaha! Your face!”
You wiped your eyes from the stinking liquid on your face. Claws coming out, you prepared to scratch him. “Wade after I take a shower I will murder you!”
Deadpool behind his mask seemed to smirk, “_____ you know you couldn’t do that; you love me too much" He came close enough to sensually whisper, "-and can I come with~?”
In anger you got the accused blender filled with the gag-retching liquid and threw it at him. He narrowly missed the flying projectile by mere inches. “Hey _____! That was an expensive blender!” You flicked him off before going to the shower. “You could buy another one you jerk!”
You closed the bathroom door. In a matter of seconds, you stripped
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 465 70
Uncanny X MEN 492 by juan7fernandez Uncanny X MEN 492 :iconjuan7fernandez:juan7fernandez 335 13 Emma Frost - Phoenix Force by FioreSofen Emma Frost - Phoenix Force :iconfioresofen:FioreSofen 2,741 400 X-men Variant Issue #1 by kevinwada X-men Variant Issue #1 :iconkevinwada:kevinwada 942 35
Dirty Thoughts (Charles x Reader)
Dirty Thoughts (Charles x Reader)
Light fluttered between the window blinds, creating faint shadows and figures as they danced along the shelves of books and records. Erik watched the parade of shapes and wisps travel down the numerous bookcases as he walked into the mansion's library. He'd figured that Charles would be here along with the new addition to the school, (y/n); she was a fellow telepath just like Charles and it appeared the two of you hit it off very well since you arrived a few weeks back. In fact, Charles had seemed even happier since you showed up, reverting back to his upbeat personality. He turned the corner when surprise, surprise, he found who he was looking for; Charles and you working on either side of a table nestled in-between the cabinets. He waltzed over to the two of you and pulled up a seat. Charles greeted him with a simple nod while (y/n) remained silent, focusing more so on the papers in front of her. It was then he noticed something seemed a bi
:iconkorealchemist:KOREAlchemist 517 86
One with nature (Logan x Reader)
One with nature (Logan x Reader)
A light spring breeze filled the air with the scent of rich pollen as two figures walked along the edge of a forest, an older, larger man being followed by a petite little girl as they carried bundles of wood on their backs and in their hands. It had been a long day for Logan and his daughter (d/n) collecting firewood for their cabin in the hills and he couldn't wait to get home.
"Hey Daddy?" The small girl called out, running up along side her father, "Can we get some flowers for mommy?" Logan looked down at his daughter, an exact copy of his wife (y/n), and gave a heavy sigh before giving her an answer.
"Sure, why not." (d/n)'s (e/c) eyes lit up as her request was granted and grabbed her father's hand.
"Mommy likes the flowers over here," she stated, pointing towards the direction and slightly dragging her dad along. Logan couldn't help but smile at this as the pair reached a small field, littered with bright and colorful flowers of all shapes an
:iconkorealchemist:KOREAlchemist 338 43
X-Men '92 #1 Cover (Ongoing Series) by DNA-1 X-Men '92 #1 Cover (Ongoing Series) :icondna-1:DNA-1 434 35 Commission: Gambit X-Men Copics by RobDuenas Commission: Gambit X-Men Copics :iconrobduenas:RobDuenas 317 15 Psylocke2015 Colors by hanzozuken Psylocke2015 Colors :iconhanzozuken:hanzozuken 384 5 Psylocke by raikoart Psylocke :iconraikoart:raikoart 1,981 67 X-23 Cosplay by adami-langley X-23 Cosplay :iconadami-langley:adami-langley 707 23 Vanessa Psylocke 3a by jagged-eye Vanessa Psylocke 3a :iconjagged-eye:jagged-eye 629 18 The Magic of the 90s Childhood by Abbadon82 The Magic of the 90s Childhood :iconabbadon82:Abbadon82 725 117 X-Men '92 #3 Variant Cover by DNA-1 X-Men '92 #3 Variant Cover :icondna-1:DNA-1 549 39 Classic Wolverine by JPRart Classic Wolverine :iconjprart:JPRart 2,107 189 Deadpool2 Jarreau IMAX Poster by reau Deadpool2 Jarreau IMAX Poster :iconreau:reau 474 45 Psylocke: X-Men by yayacosplay Psylocke: X-Men :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 3,240 201 Psylocke and Psychic blade by yayacosplay Psylocke and Psychic blade :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 2,274 136 Logan`s Kids by Abbadon82 Logan`s Kids :iconabbadon82:Abbadon82 1,208 129 Psylocke Hairflip by yayacosplay Psylocke Hairflip :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 2,366 128 Psylocke Print Sideshow by bigmac996 Psylocke Print Sideshow :iconbigmac996:bigmac996 284 10