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Moth to the Flame by Chrysisi Moth to the Flame :iconchrysisi:Chrysisi 1,179 0 Xander by Wanini Xander :iconwanini:Wanini 768 66 Buffy: On the prowl by PatrickBrown Buffy: On the prowl :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 1,436 111 Choose Your Destiny by raizy Choose Your Destiny :iconraizy:raizy 510 59 Gwen the Vampire Slayer by DisneyWiz Gwen the Vampire Slayer :icondisneywiz:DisneyWiz 222 108 Fire Emblem Fates Pixel Art Wallpaper by Kaz-Kirigiri Fire Emblem Fates Pixel Art Wallpaper :iconkaz-kirigiri:Kaz-Kirigiri 386 22 Fire Emblem- Giga Corrin by GamefreakDX Fire Emblem- Giga Corrin :icongamefreakdx:GamefreakDX 295 27 Xander Blackcrow by Gimaldinov Xander Blackcrow :icongimaldinov:Gimaldinov 251 5 Undertale :: Sticker Set #1 by SpaceJacket Undertale :: Sticker Set #1 :iconspacejacket:SpaceJacket 302 26 PROO - Once a Ranger - BT by jay-tigran PROO - Once a Ranger - BT :iconjay-tigran:jay-tigran 186 56 Fire Emblem Fates buttons by hasuyawn Fire Emblem Fates buttons :iconhasuyawn:hasuyawn 477 41 HomageToBuffyTheVampireSlayer by Kristele HomageToBuffyTheVampireSlayer :iconkristele:Kristele 1,429 260 Xanderfund Sketches by kilara Xanderfund Sketches :iconkilara:kilara 389 23 I've got your Back by Sidonie I've got your Back :iconsidonie:Sidonie 423 75 Crown Prince + Little Princess by danarune Crown Prince + Little Princess :icondanarune:danarune 374 4 LoX: My Family by riingo LoX: My Family :iconriingo:riingo 1,293 223 Xander's Ladies of Might by LexiKimble Xander's Ladies of Might :iconlexikimble:LexiKimble 344 46 FE:Fates - Nohr by Akimiya FE:Fates - Nohr :iconakimiya:Akimiya 712 15 My FE:if Family! by KatarinaNoNeko My FE:if Family! :iconkatarinanoneko:KatarinaNoNeko 287 6 Double Trouble by MuiMushroom Double Trouble :iconmuimushroom:MuiMushroom 255 183 the importance of being idle by murtherer the importance of being idle :iconmurtherer:murtherer 399 87 I love you so by EvaBeeSmith I love you so :iconevabeesmith:EvaBeeSmith 135 9 Buffy Vs. Edward by Supajoe Buffy Vs. Edward :iconsupajoe:Supajoe 776 240 Height Differences by koalaflage Height Differences :iconkoalaflage:koalaflage 279 7 XenoGirl #1: The Chitinous Teen (Revised) by TheChitinousTeen XenoGirl #1: The Chitinous Teen (Revised) :iconthechitinousteen:TheChitinousTeen 83 119 Belly bumps by geckoguy123456789 Belly bumps :icongeckoguy123456789:geckoguy123456789 295 10 Azura bound in the Asylum by GREAT-DUDE by Shaded-Seraphim Azura bound in the Asylum by GREAT-DUDE :iconshaded-seraphim:Shaded-Seraphim 693 21 Fire Emblem Fates - Nohr VS Hoshido Civil War by jadenkaiba Fire Emblem Fates - Nohr VS Hoshido Civil War :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 1,066 568
Big Sister Always Knows Best 2
Camilla had been the primary caretaker of Corrin for a fairly long time by this point. Because the violet-haired princess was so dedicated to constantly and consistently pampering the young woman, Corrin had grown quite massive and her appetite even more so. Living as a princess in the Nohr kingdom allowed her access to more edible delicacies than she honestly needed, which was something Camilla took full advantage of. The act of eating for Corrin became less of a necessity for survival and more of a hobby to stave off boredom; she ate twice, sometimes three times, as much a day as the average person would have with three regular meals and a tiny snack or two in between. Maybe instead of a hobby, though, it could be called an addiction. Whenever Camilla put food in front of her, Corrin ultimately ended up eating it. Cookies, cakes, pies and so much more, she especially loved the sweets, the flavor lingering on her taste-buds when she settled into her bed to rest aft
:iconborin23:Borin23 164 80
Foret, Samson and Xander by klar Foret, Samson and Xander :iconklar:klar 463 157 FE:Fates Corrin by Shyamiq FE:Fates Corrin :iconshyamiq:Shyamiq 218 19 Jesper 1 by xander-panter Jesper 1 :iconxander-panter:xander-panter 302 52 Spike by torchwood1doctorwho Spike :icontorchwood1doctorwho:torchwood1doctorwho 153 76 Not so unique by perishing-twinkie Not so unique :iconperishing-twinkie:perishing-twinkie 426 100 Family Picnic (Fire Emblem Fates) by kwokshing0905 Family Picnic (Fire Emblem Fates) :iconkwokshing0905:kwokshing0905 160 28 Xander by bayanghitam Xander :iconbayanghitam:bayanghitam 500 24
Twilight vs. Buffy
     Too many teenaged girls have begun to obsess over a book/movie series called the Twilight Saga. That doesn't make it the correct thing to be exposed to. The message is bad, the characters are unrealistic, Stephenie Meyer isn't a good author, there's no development, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is better.
     First, let's look at the message of Twilight. Bella Swan is a clumsy teenaged girl who falls in love with a vampire who goes to her school, and it seems she can't do a thing without him. The first thing I get from that is Bella is incapable of doing things on her own. Throughout the series, she always has Edward and Jacob fighting for her while she stands by and watches. She never fights for herself. Another thing I see is her being blinded by not love, but a crush. Bella was seventeen, not even a legal adult. Most people her age don't even know what love is. I think she thought she was in love with Edward and put too much
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Hoshido by Poiizu Hoshido :iconpoiizu:Poiizu 685 74 Fire Emblem: Fates - Dawn Breaks by Lady-Cici Fire Emblem: Fates - Dawn Breaks :iconlady-cici:Lady-Cici 323 91 Mertails doodles by vasira Mertails doodles :iconvasira:vasira 113 18 Royal Bedtime by MuiMushroom Royal Bedtime :iconmuimushroom:MuiMushroom 245 56 Crown Prince of Nohr by remmeto Crown Prince of Nohr :iconremmeto:remmeto 259 30 Obelix by xanderthurteen Obelix :iconxanderthurteen:xanderthurteen 482 80
Inner Strength part 18
Ash continued to pull his unconscious friend across the field and towards Prof. Oak’s laboratory.
Every now and then, Ash would look over at the sun to see if he still had some time left. The sun kept taunting him for it seemed like it was deeper into the ground when (at second glance) it really wasn’t. Was time playing with him?
So, Ash decided not to look back at the sun and try to focus on getting to the professor’s lab.
He looked straight forward, and that’s when he saw something green dashing his way.
More Team Magma?
Team Aqua?
Maybe even Team Rocket?
< Boy, I’ve got too many things to worry about, > thought Ash.
Bayleef kept running. She could see something yellow not too far from her. Could it be him? It has to be him!
The young Pichu that was still riding her kept laughing and giggling throughout the whole way. This was just another ride from him, just another fun game.
Bayleef rolled her eyes, but kept running.
The green object kept coming cl
:iconcolb-a-nater:colb-a-nater 31 82
Undertale :: Buttons Set #3 by SpaceJacket Undertale :: Buttons Set #3 :iconspacejacket:SpaceJacket 158 22 Fire Emblem - commission - by KarlaDiazC Fire Emblem - commission - :iconkarladiazc:KarlaDiazC 239 17 Fire Emblem Heroes (Keychains) by enzouke Fire Emblem Heroes (Keychains) :iconenzouke:enzouke 244 28 Fire Emblem Fates - Foodo Wars by KrazehKai Fire Emblem Fates - Foodo Wars :iconkrazehkai:KrazehKai 127 16