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2018-309 Wait - prompt for November 4
The writing prompt for yesterday was 'wait', which is what I did, and I didn't like it.  I rather overdid it at yoga on Saturday evening. I didn't realize how stiff I still was from my very careful and very intensive one on one pilates session Thursday morning. I did not go anywhere yesterday or do much of anything. Just moving was painful.  I prayed, "Dear God, I am an idiot." The Lord responded, "Yes you are, as a matter of fact. And this latest bit of idiocy is going to take some time to recover from."  I don't like to wait. I want to be up and doing and moving forward with my agenda. Sometimes the Lord's agenda
Go within - prompt for November 8
The saints and sages have said it differently, the manner of speaking has changed over time, the core message has stayed remarkably consistent. Go within. Go to the secret place where your true self is, and where God is there with you. Go within and seek God who is in you, that is, the God who is in your sisters and brothers also. In drawing near to him draw near to them, your sisters and brothers. Seek not to escape but to embrace them and yourself in the love of God who gave himself for them and for you. Thoughts after Merton. I'm a day behind on the writing prompts. The lower back is getting better, I think, but with fits and starts and
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