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OC Exercise: The Best Cure for Writers Block
'Ello, Kitsune here. As many of you know, I'm currently working on a novel that is taking over my life. Recently, I've been having trouble keeping the personalities of my characters (who have changed a lot over the near eight years that I've been working on my novel) completely straight. I know my main character well enough, since the story follows her life closely, but sometimes I feel like I don't know everyone else in my world enough. 

I'm sure you've all seen the character profiles before. (Name, age, height, physical description, likes, dislikes, etc.) I have filled out more of those than I care to admit, but they very seldom help. Therefore, I came up with this "OC Exercise" to help you get to know your characters better. The best part is, it will even get you some writing practice!

:lightbulb: I highly suggest posting your finished products on deviantart and requesting a critique. This will not only help with your actual writing, but it mi
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Stamp: Writer's Block by 8manderz8 Stamp: Writer's Block :icon8manderz8:8manderz8 168 33
Writer's Block - Sherlock x Reader
My fingers tapped against the keypad of my laptop in hopes that words would spew out onto the word document. The notebook beside has pages filled with doodles rather than the words that I desire to paint onto the page. I puff my cheeks and blow out air. I scroll through what I have previously written in hopes to find some inspiration lying beneath the lines.
Instead, I find grammatical errors and irritating lines I do not wish to see.
I grumble. I rack my fingers through my hair. I tug on the strands in hopes that some ideas sprout through the roots. Alas, nothing appears in my mind. No words form onto the page. No beautifully scripted idea that I will re-read and realise how stupid it is and delete the entire document at once. That is usually my last resort.
I wish writer's block was a document that I could delete. I wish I could erase it from my mind and finally be able to write down something, anything at least. Even if it was a pointless piece of dialogue or an unknown piece of sce
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NAPOWRIMO 30 Days of Prompts
Day 1: I am a poet.
Day 2: I own my flesh.
Day 3: Tell a lie.
Day 4: Love through letters.
Day 5: A thousand kisses deep.
Day 6: Monochromatic fears.
Day 7: You have 7 days to live.
Day 8: Glow in the dark stars
Day 9: Misplaced bones
Day 10: Write as if you are a body part.
Day 11: Wake the dead.
Day 12: Love bites
Day 13: I never think about ____ anymore.
Day 14: Find me.
Day 15: 7 Deadly Sins
Day 16: 3AM coffee
Day 17: Kiss the stars on her arms.
Day 18: ‘Last night—’
Day 19: What is your sign? Write about it.
Day 20: Galaxy skin
Day 21: What is tangled up in your heartstrings?
Day 22: A fight in a stairwell
Day 23: A forbidden desire
Day 24: Stitched the words into my heart
Day 25: Cross-hatched skin
Day 26: Artist fingers
Day 27: Holding up the universe
Day 28: Dig deep
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1000 themes
1. A Bridge Too Far
2. A Hero Emerges
3. A Little More Than Friends
4. A Place to Feel Safe
5. A Rival Appears!
6. Abandoned
7. Above the Thunder
8. Absolute
9. Ace of Hearts
10. Ache
11. Addicted
12. Addicted To Your Touch
13. Address
14. Adoration
15. Adrenalin
16. Advertisement
17. Addicted
18. Against Temptation
19. Aghast
20. Agony of Defeat
21. Alcohol
22. All That I Have
23. All That Lives Must Die
24. Allergic to Stupid
25. Allergies
26. Almost Isn't Good Enough
27. Almost Paradise
28. Alone
29. Alone in the Rain
30. Altar For Tribute
31. Always and Forever
32. Amorous
33. Amuck
34. And Be Sure to Say Please
35. And The Jackass of the Year Award Goes To...
36. Angry Men
37. Angst
38. Anniversary
39. Annoyance
40. Antisocial
41. Anything Goes
42. Approval
43. Are You Challenging Me?
44. Are You Serious?
45. Are You Sure?
46. Are You There?
47. Argument
48. Armor
49. Arousals
50. Articles
51. Astrology
52. At What Cost
53. Attachment
54. Attack and Receive
55. Auf Wierdersehen
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10 Easy Tips to Improve Your Writing.
These are some very basic things for new writers. If you see somebody that could benefit from this, send them a link! :D
1. Use correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar everywhere, not just in your writing.
I see a lot of writers that text-talk in conversations, leave out punctuation, don't capitalize words, etc. Even if you're just shooting a message to a friend on Facebook remember those rules! Not only does this create good habits, but I find that it leads to better and more intelligent conversations
2. Learn those tricky rules like "laid/lay" and "effect/affect".
A lot of people slack off on these. Personally, I have to look up things like this all the time because I just don't remember. They're annoying, but learning the differences can help you out in your writing and in real life. Also, the difference between "good" and "well" is a must-know! I hear this used incorrectly every single day.
3. Paragraphs and when to use them.
Obviously your wr
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Story DNA Meme BLANK by rathenal Story DNA Meme BLANK :iconrathenal:rathenal 336 63
Exercise: Your Character's Distinct Voice
The purpose of this exercise is to see how much you've differentiated each of your main characters' voices from each other.
How to Use
Pick a few major characters in your story. (I recommend using between 3 and 6.) For each of the numbered prompts below, choose what each character would say in that circumstance. You may want to write a few sentences of dialogue from that character or a quick internal monologue.
These lines are meant to generate short pieces of dialogue (about 1-5 sentences), as it's easiest to compare lines to each other that way. If you start writing long paragraphs or another character's reply to your character, then stop. Copy and paste the text. Then place it in a Writer or other document and continue the scene there. If you like it, post it (and credit me for the prompt, if you please!). When you finish that and return to this exercise, write about 1-5 sentences for that character and c
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Fiction Writer's Cheat Sheet by RipleyNox Fiction Writer's Cheat Sheet :iconripleynox:RipleyNox 187 40
It is 9 in the afternoon
& I have forgotten
how to write in poetics-
tongue kissed & gaping like
a siren missing from her sea.
I have been coughing up black
for days.  Unable to clean the taste
from my mouth, these broken
typewriter keys sewn into my
fingertips scream something fierce.
They ache with longing
to tell of a story
that left them
for a better high
years ago
a story that never deserved
to make a home under the skin,
to crawl breech through an
unsuspecting womb.
-& out through the wrists
of young girls much too ripe
to fall from their beds.
I am so damn tired
of looking over railings
& wondering what
it would feel like
to fall.
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Writers Block and How to Kill It
With NaNoWriMo coming up soon, I thought I'd finally spit out a writers block help guide. This can be used any time and for any blocks! Let's begin.
        A lot of writers block cases come just from environment. For example, for a long time my computer was a desktop. Not very portable, right? Well, this meant that if I wanted to do any writing, I had to sit down in the same spot every time and write. I had to deal with the same environment, the same clutter, the same chair, the same sitting position, etc. This doesn't help! So consider your environment. (For suggestions that require moving elsewhere, use a laptop or a good old fashioned notebook with a pen or pencil)
Clean up your workspace. Organize it. Rearrange it. Make it different than last time you sat there.Light a candle or incense, or even freshen up your room with an air freshener. Go in another room. So
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9 Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block
9 Tips for Overcoming Writer's Block
Anybody Can Write a Novel Version 2.0
Chapter 1 “Beginning to Write” – Section 3 “Writer's Block”

(Previous Tutorial)              (Next Tutorial)

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”
—Mark Twain
Sometimes we f
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Sans x Reader [PUNishment]
"Oh. My. Goodness."
Your eyes were wide with horror, body shaking as your legs crumbled and you fell to the floor. Looking at the desk in front of you, you screamed as huge piles of papers towered over you.
"something wrong, kid?!"
"Oh shi- Sans?!"
Sans was alarmed as he busted into your room, looking around for any signs of danger. Incidents with gangs were common these days, ever since the monsters returned to the surface. People against monsters grouped and destroyed places where monsters lived but you were one of the persons who were kind enough to understand monsters.
"Humans are the REAL monsters," you had said before which led to Sans' admiration towards you and he had made a promise (although he hates them) to protect you at all costs.
"is something wrong, (y/n)? are you hurt somewhere? are you-?" Sans continued fussing over you, helping you stand up.
A look of confusion crossed your face, before your lips formed a smile and you started laughing, clutchin
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Beating the Block
brought to you by Super Editor
Please read this list slowly and carefully, considering not only the individual prompt but ways to bend it. You'll get much more out of it. (Thinking about specific characters and/or listening to your book's theme music while you read may help.)
This list is designed mainly to give ideas for characterization-related scenes. If your issue is more along the lines of "I don't know where I'm going," then this may not be as helpful. While you can read this anyway, meditation and logic are usually the things that work best.
If this gives you an idea, write it down! It's a long list, so you don't want to risk forgetting anything.
Not all of these thoughts and ideas will apply to your story, but perhaps one can give you an idea! I encourage you to modify the ideas below to better fit your characters' unique situation. This is just meant to get the ideas flowing. Let's get started! :plotting:
Two characters are stuck under a br
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DA Stamp - Inspiration 01 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - Inspiration 01 :icontppgraphics:tppgraphics 1,300 0
How to never get writers block
1. Realize what you like, and write it down. Really, its as simple as that. All you have to do is, when you go "hey, I like this movie/show/book" break down as to why you like it and write it down. Even if you just like one scene in a movie, write it down; that way if you are ever stuck, just read the list over for inspiration. Here are a few examples:
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Writers Notes - Writers Block
Writers Block is one of the worst feelings a writer can experience.  Even the best writers will suffer it at some point or another.  Point in fact that I myself am suffering writers block in my novel at this moment.
Some writers use it as an excuse to give up and stop writing completely.  This happens more when the writers block  lasts for a considerable period.  It does not just have to be over days, I have known it to be over weeks and even over two months before now.
Writers block can be for many reasons.  Often it can be when you are struggling with a key part of your writing / plot and are not making any headway.  If this continues and affects the flow of your writing you can find yourself feeling "stunted."
Other writers blocks can be because you have overstretched yourself.  Maybe you have been taking too much on or pushing yourself too hard.  This is often when the hobby and joy of writing
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I Have Writer's Block!
Don't panic. Don't bang your head against the wall. (All you get is a headache... trust me on that.) Writer's block requires a thoughtful, logical approach, so hating yourself will go nowhere.
The first thing we tend to do when we have writer's block is to leave the book. We close the file or notebook and say we'll get to it later. Well, sometimes that works, but sometimes we still haven't touched it a week later. Or a month later. At that point things get a little worrisome. That's why I've compiled this list.
1. Try taking a walk or bike ride. Sometimes you just need the time to yourself. I know you've probably heard this before, but that's because it works. Let your mind drift to your characters, and an idea may arrive.
2. Think about your book before you go to sleep. Sometimes you dream about it, which can provide ideas. Sometimes you figure out the answer to your writer's block before you fall asleep. (If you're like me, you'll grab the nearest Post-it, scribble down your ideas, a
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Writers Block by Silvercharmed Writers Block :iconsilvercharmed:Silvercharmed 419 130 writers block by Girl-just-let-go-200 writers block :icongirl-just-let-go-200:Girl-just-let-go-200 220 18
6 Suggestions for Overcoming Writer's Block
6 Suggestions for Overcoming Writer's Block or Lack of Inspiration
A writer writes, always. But sometimes there is simply no motivation—our muse simply does not motivate us like it normally does, and we have to think of ways to cope with the situation so that our writing does not depend on fleeting emotions or feelings. Here are my top suggestions for overcoming “writer's block” and for continuing writing no matter what.
Suggestion 1: Remind yourself that writer's block does not exist.
Except for as an excuse not to write, writer's block does not exist. N
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