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Forced Hand by Faebelina Forced Hand :iconfaebelina:Faebelina 804 48 Tzera Kaunai Sunwillow by CrewOfTheBloodyDawn Tzera Kaunai Sunwillow :iconcrewofthebloodydawn:CrewOfTheBloodyDawn 113 16 Com: THE NIGHT ELVES by BAKART Com: THE NIGHT ELVES :iconbakart:BAKART 102 84 231 stars have crossed into the light by ShiChel 231 stars have crossed into the light :iconshichel:ShiChel 58 10 Schachmatt! by Naddeshiko Schachmatt! :iconnaddeshiko:Naddeshiko 26 9 -World Of Warcraft : Druid- by dadoundy -World Of Warcraft : Druid- :icondadoundy:dadoundy 39 7 Orcs by Foreling Orcs :iconforeling:Foreling 38 8 Garrosh Hellscream female ver. by NEOmi-triX Garrosh Hellscream female ver. :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 67 2 Sylvanas by kylukia Sylvanas :iconkylukia:kylukia 30 0 Warlock with her succubus by Eyrann Warlock with her succubus :iconeyrann:Eyrann 27 3 Lunara Cosplay heroes of the Storm WOW by HaruhichanxD Lunara Cosplay heroes of the Storm WOW :iconharuhichanxd:HaruhichanxD 9 5 Equaltoss - commande by Dark-Skadia Equaltoss - commande :icondark-skadia:Dark-Skadia 8 2 Lakhesis by roy9th Lakhesis :iconroy9th:roy9th 9 0 Warcraft 3 Fun Art by El1ot Warcraft 3 Fun Art :iconel1ot:El1ot 5 0 Adventurous Color by Silversage2012 Adventurous Color :iconsilversage2012:Silversage2012 6 2 Northrend Model progress 4 by Th3Pooka Northrend Model progress 4 :iconth3pooka:Th3Pooka 4 0 the wandering Isle by Evanzblack the wandering Isle :iconevanzblack:Evanzblack 4 7 Valorian by ASinsBeautiful Valorian :iconasinsbeautiful:ASinsBeautiful 4 4
A Letter from an Alt
I'm an alt.  There, I said it, regardless of how much I loathe the title.  I'm not the one you cherish or lavish with your time and devotion.  I wasn't your first alt, not even your first hunter or Horde, and I certainly wasn't the last one you've made.  It breaks my heart every time I see another one come along to leave me sitting, alone and unloved.
I remember back when you were creating me, laughing with your Alliance friends about trying a Tauren.  You said you wanted to try the most noble race in the Horde.  I remember hearing her evil laughter when she told you to name me after a condiment, like I was nothing more than a quick meal.  But I also remember the time you spent with her horrid idea and turning it into something beautiful, the name that resonated within you as something lovely and tribal.  I thought that meant you'd be with me for a long, long time, that I was special to you.
Our first quest
:iconthe-lone-wulf:The-Lone-Wulf 2 3
Deathjunky by Lunastharia Deathjunky :iconlunastharia:Lunastharia 2 0 Kelala and Rahni by BaihuTigress26 Kelala and Rahni :iconbaihutigress26:BaihuTigress26 2 2