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Trauma by Trydning Trauma :icontrydning:Trydning 260 64 ROM.AC 03: wordless by alexiuss ROM.AC 03: wordless :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 820 25 United by Paka-Senpai United :iconpaka-senpai:Paka-Senpai 1,414 166
Wordless - The Path of... Pt 1
First story: Rock Lee and Yakushi Nekomata
Prologue: Being hit, get shot

Rock Lee, Maito Gai, Hyuga Neji and Tenten were hidden in the woods surrounding the village, waiting for the reappearance of their target. Thanks to the alliance with sand, they received information that the missing-nin from Hidden Mist village who tried to assassinate Kakashi and Godaime Hokage would meet here his customer. If they would stick to the plan, they would be able to catch him and his customer – if nothing went wrong…
Gai activated his radio. „Neji, can you see him already?”
Neji focused his Byakugan. „He is still in the tea house, Gai-sensei. Should not one of us get closer, silently?”
„That would be too dangerous by now, Neji. Is his customer with him?”
„Not yet…, wait, Gai-sensei. It seems the daimyo (ruler) of the Rain country is simply fed up with our Kage and your rival and decided to get rid of both.”
„But why wouldn’
:iconkamikashi:Kamikashi 31 11
Safety Glass
You and I...
Are from different worlds,
And it is obvious that
We do not belong
In this one...
We were made for another world.
As I go on with my happy life,
My secret shame
Weighing down on me,
So heavily,
Like rain.
With our backs against the glass,
Filled with silence;
We can lean on each other
In our time of need,
Even in a wordless world,
We would understand.
I hear you...
Your silent serenade
Fills me with melancholy longing,
Like some lost,
Dismal secret.
The shards of the heart
You didn't have the heart
t o   b r e a k
Creeping up on you,
Growing ever more bleak...
Time passes;
Flowers wither
Under the pressure of
Eternal midnight.
But I can feel it
b r e a k i n g.
And still,
I can't find you...
But you...
Always find me.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 24 24
wordless by berkozturk wordless :iconberkozturk:berkozturk 482 16 Not Gunna Spend My Life II by AnthonyPresley Not Gunna Spend My Life II :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 246 43 Snowflake by MissHeroin Snowflake :iconmissheroin:MissHeroin 212 43 Wordless Language by ciaee Wordless Language :iconciaee:ciaee 324 142 Without Words by JINXtheLUCKY93 Without Words :iconjinxthelucky93:JINXtheLUCKY93 83 15
Sheet of music
I am a sheet. My pigeon pages aren't filled with words,but with black lines revealing something far more beautiful than anything made up of letters could ever be.
I am wordless, but not voiceless.
unspoken, yet expressing so much.
I only consist of sonorous melancholy and raging drums, becoming my own erratic heartbeat.
My words are the doleful deep sounds of the cello, the violine is my medicine, as calming as the waves, rushing against the shores up and down, up and down  following their routine for an endless eternity. A wooden hollow space containing my lullaby, vibrating to the fluctuation of iron threads.
The rain is beating his own volatile rhythym and I'm spinning around dancing, dancing my feet splashing, while I disturb the melody. And I blend in.
And everything I am is reflected in the music.
And I breathe it, breathe it. I inhale it's beauty. The beauty of dust particles dancing around in midstair, moving to their own, soundless music.
The soft harp, touching my h
:iconblindxminds:BlindxMinds 11 42
Weight by spoonbard Weight :iconspoonbard:spoonbard 420 218 'Advice by a Sketch Mannequin' by AnthonyPresley 'Advice by a Sketch Mannequin' :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 270 13 'Wordless Image' by AnthonyPresley 'Wordless Image' :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 183 48 Mr. Johnson - Page 12 by jadeedge Mr. Johnson - Page 12 :iconjadeedge:jadeedge 58 9
Wordless Writer, Defenseless Dragon
“March to the north!”
Called the general
As the sun rose
On the brisk autumn morning,
The sun blinding us all.
“We’ll be meeting the enemy,”
Boomed his voice,
“So raise your swords!
And ready your shields!”
With my sword in my right hand,
And my shield in my left,
I try to get ready and raised,
But they both fall to the ground.
The rest of the army marches forward,
Swords raised
And shields ready,
Leaving me behind.
I can’t pick up my sword
Can’t pick up my shield,
For they’re both made
Of the words I haven’t written yet.
I pack up and head for home,
For what good is a soldier
Without her weapons?
What good is a writer
Without her words?
I say my goodbyes to the field
Where I would’ve been a hero
When the dragon flies over me,
Her thin scales pricked with arrows
From the archers of my army.
I follow the dragon
And her graceful glide,
And I’m grateful
For her wingspan’s shadow
To keep the sun from my eye
:icontrainertimpani:TrainerTimpani 9 23
When the dead distance
Is all that I see anymore,
Thoughts of you...
My memories can never be taken from me
And what we had will never fade,
This is the one promise I can make
In all confidence that it is not a lie...
Like all of the wordless lies I tell,
As I am forced to pretend every day...
That it doesn't hurt anymore
That I'm completely over you
That I never really cared about you
That I don't love you with all of my soul
That if I had only one wish in all the world,
It wouldn't be for you...
The faintest trace
Scrapes across my heart...
And it's like fiery daggers
Digging into old wounds,
The searing pain will never die...
It is in this way
That we find eternity...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 10 5
'Wordless Image II' by AnthonyPresley 'Wordless Image II' :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 137 28 Paris by andokadesbois Paris :iconandokadesbois:andokadesbois 83 16 In The Woods II by MissHeroin In The Woods II :iconmissheroin:MissHeroin 117 21 The Wordless Ballad of Tawny by FoxInShadow The Wordless Ballad of Tawny :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 121 31 Wordless 'I Love You' by FightingForNothing Wordless 'I Love You' :iconfightingfornothing:FightingForNothing 156 47
you toss me mixed signals like they're newspapers (usually i am in beatitudes, oars in hand, crossing the rubicon. now i am scrunching my nose, interpreting turn of phrase.)lamenting this wordlessness that afflicts us all at fifteen. letters and foreshortened tokens of affection.
sticking my nose into some shabby thrift-store sweater and inhaling like it belongs to you (ridiculous, you're far too skinny for that)(stickboy)(legs like antlers)
                             (be, my beatitude?)
:iconorange-sheep:orange-sheep 8 5
Mr. Johnson - Page 5 by jadeedge Mr. Johnson - Page 5 :iconjadeedge:jadeedge 44 1 Mini Alien Storyboard: by Jesseth Mini Alien Storyboard: :iconjesseth:Jesseth 26 11 Wicked Shit by spokeart Wicked Shit :iconspokeart:spokeart 85 24 Ravens birthday part 12 by Chibi-BB Ravens birthday part 12 :iconchibi-bb:Chibi-BB 181 44
There is a world I know, where everything is blank.
For there is nothing to describe, the beauty deep within.
Where meaning has no meaning, for its definition does not exist.
Where the past is in the Past, for no one remembers what has been done,
for nothing has been said.
Inspiration is a withering rose, ideas are a shooting star, passions are a dying flame,
Because there is nothing that can spread or fuel its vitality.
There is a world I know, where emotions are all dead,
for no one knows how to say the words,
'I. Love. You.'
:iconundiscoveredmuse:UndiscoveredMuse 11 25
Knite Contest : A Thanks by krakuyaaa-kon Knite Contest : A Thanks :iconkrakuyaaa-kon:krakuyaaa-kon 166 33 Wordless by BloodlineV Wordless :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 163 23 Try To Speak by MoOnshine90 Try To Speak :iconmoonshine90:MoOnshine90 43 46 My 8 Bit Story :018 by SDex My 8 Bit Story :018 :iconsdex:SDex 53 4 Like a Distant Star by Kapaychan Like a Distant Star :iconkapaychan:Kapaychan 84 44 Wordless 4 by DesertRose69 Wordless 4 :icondesertrose69:DesertRose69 199 41 Wordless 1 by DesertRose69 Wordless 1 :icondesertrose69:DesertRose69 149 5 Birds are evil by NightmareHound Birds are evil :iconnightmarehound:NightmareHound 71 10 Toy Box Queen by DiegoTripodi Toy Box Queen :icondiegotripodi:DiegoTripodi 63 105 Wordless 3 by DesertRose69 Wordless 3 :icondesertrose69:DesertRose69 118 9 Wordless by DesertRose69 Wordless :icondesertrose69:DesertRose69 64 10 Wordless 2 by DesertRose69 Wordless 2 :icondesertrose69:DesertRose69 132 3 Dreams We Share by SOTDcorp Dreams We Share :iconsotdcorp:SOTDcorp 92 39
Wordless - The Path of... Pt 4
First story: Rock Lee and Nekomata
Chapter 3: Morning after

Lee awakened early by the sound of birds singing loudly outside of the room he was in. First he felt somehow confused where he was and what he had done last night as his memory and senses kicked in. The first thing he noticed about himself while getting up was that he was naked, his body covered only by the silk blankets they slept under after an arduous night. His movements raised her from her slumber, for he pulled accidentally the blankets from her away.
“Mm…” Nekomata’s hand reached for the blanket.
Suddenly, he felt ashamed, somehow, but also surprisingly comfortable. “I woke up with a girl by my side…” Then he noticed immediately that she was naked as well. Gods, what an astonishing beauty she was…
“Mm… give me the blanket, lazy bone!” Without a warning, Nekomata awakened completely and sat up immediately, pulling back her blanket. A smile appear
:iconkamikashi:Kamikashi 17 14
Smooch by Kregl Smooch :iconkregl:Kregl 36 22 Bonebird - Fish by smokewithoutmirrors Bonebird - Fish :iconsmokewithoutmirrors:smokewithoutmirrors 45 31 Just a little comic by XxEatenByChildrenxX Just a little comic :iconxxeatenbychildrenxx:XxEatenByChildrenxX 134 33 :Cafe Pierrots: by Jesseth :Cafe Pierrots: :iconjesseth:Jesseth 14 3 Chicago - Lonely Skyscraper by MumblingIdiot Chicago - Lonely Skyscraper :iconmumblingidiot:MumblingIdiot 32 6 Rainbow Splash! by MoonwalkingHorse Rainbow Splash! :iconmoonwalkinghorse:MoonwalkingHorse 72 29