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A 'Whittle' Magic: Carve Your Own Wand (Part 2)
Artisan Crafts Week
Part 2A: Carving the Details
Welcome to the final part of A Whittle Magic: Carve Your Own Wand, where we will use basic whittling techniques to carve a Harry Potter-style wand from wood. In Part 1, we practiced some simple whittling cuts and used those cuts to carve the basic shape of the wand. Now, in Part 2, we’ll refine the design by carving the details before moving on to sanding, staining, and finishing.
Because we will be working with sharp knives in close proximity to fingers, this workshop is recommended for those 15 years of age and older.
Caution!! Woodworking is NOT a risk-free craft. Review these safety rules from Part 1 before continuing. Disregard them at your own risk.
Always protect your hands.
Always cut AWAY from yourself. Avoid cutting towards yourself if at all possible.
Always keep your knives shar
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