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FNAFNG_Ultimate Custom Night by NamyGaga FNAFNG_Ultimate Custom Night :iconnamygaga:NamyGaga 3,347 387
Black Butler Seven Minutes In Heaven William
         "It's your turn to play. Now come up here and stop wasting time." Grell pulled you to the center of the room, picking up his purse and holing it out for you. "Pick something good now, I want to be entertained." He smiled wide.
You reached into the bag and felt around for a bit. A moment later you lifted out a crumpled piece of paper. You unwrinkled it to read the name on it. "It says William T. Spears. Guess that makes it pretty obvious who it belongs to huh?"
William stood up, walked over to you and adjusted his glasses. "I do apologize. I honestly didn't bring any items suited to put in a purse. When Grell called me here he said it was an emergency. I was not prepared to play a game suited for school children."
Grell was puffing and ranting behind the two of you. "How dare you pick my Williams name out. Out of all the items in my purse you have to pick that one! The horror of it all." Grell swooned dramatically, almost falling to the floor. "I just d
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Kuroshitsuji Motivational 2 by Jesse-FanGirl Kuroshitsuji Motivational 2 :iconjesse-fangirl:Jesse-FanGirl 770 222 Ice-solation by VanillaDeonna Ice-solation :iconvanilladeonna:VanillaDeonna 172 24 Its all crack to me anyway by madelezabeth Its all crack to me anyway :iconmadelezabeth:madelezabeth 3,892 686 LOL BUCKET by terriblenerd LOL BUCKET :iconterriblenerd:terriblenerd 11,672 1,941 Fnaf drawings by BlasticHeart Fnaf drawings :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 1,307 89
~The Stereotypes Song~ HetaliaXReader
    "All right, everyone over here," you directed the assortment of countries towards your living room, having explained that you found an amazing Youtube video.
    Of course half of them had refused... so you had to "stretch the truth". You had finally convinced America, Spain, Japan, Italy, Romano, France, Russia, China, Australia, India, England, Egypt, Poland, and Scotland.
    Once all of the countries were standing around your laptop, you finally opened the right tab. It was titled "The Stereotypes Song". A few countries gave you a funny look, you barely hiding a smirk.
    "All right, I want to see what you guys think of this," you pressed play on the video and it started:
You know, I always thought stereotypes were kinda ridiculous.
So I wrote a song about it,
And it goes a little something like this.
I think I love you more than the
Japanese love tentacle porn,

    Japan's eyes widened as everyone looked his way, his face turning a deep scarlet. He tried to hide his fa
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Ready to die by BlasticHeart Ready to die :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 1,970 43 Five Nights At Freddys 1 and 2 by BlasticHeart Five Nights At Freddys 1 and 2 :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 2,389 385 Kuroshitsuji : Circus by kuro-mai Kuroshitsuji : Circus :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 8,541 551 Sword Designs 4 by Iron-Fox Sword Designs 4 :iconiron-fox:Iron-Fox 1,939 306 Ankh-Morporkers by faQy Ankh-Morporkers :iconfaqy:faQy 625 117 FNAF 3 by BlasticHeart FNAF 3 :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 5,484 461
Nicknames (Clint x Reader)
Nicknames (Clint x Reader)
Today was another boring day at S.H.I.E.L.D. You were watching Clint Barton honing (more like showing off) his skills at the archery range. You looked in awe as he slowly drew back the bowstring and locked eyes with his target. There was that spark in his eye as he released the arrow and watched it fly through the air and hit the bull-eye’s dead on.
“Nice shot, Katniss!” you cheered as you gave a quick fist pump. The archer turned towards your direction with an irksome look on his face.
“Don’t call me that, please.” His icy glare seemed to pierce your (e/c) orbs. If looks could kill, you’d be dead on the spot. You brushed it off and continued with your playful banter.
“Come on, you’re doing a good job . . . Legolas.” you snickered as a blush started to dust his checks.
“(y/n), stop. I get enough of that from Tony as it is.” You love teasing him like this. He was usually stoic and unmoved
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Going Soft William X Reader
      “Follow me, his office is just around this corner. Just as a warning, he might be a little shocked to see you here.” Ronald grabbed the doorknob and slowly opened the door. “Hey William, someone's here to see you. Should I let her in?”
William looked up from the massive stack of papers on his desk and sighed. “Honestly, I am rather busy at the moment, but I suppose.”
“Great, well, here she is.” Ronald gave you a little shove into Williams office. “I'll see you two later.” The door was slammed shut, leaving you in an awkward staring contest with William.
“What are you doing here.” He shook his head. “More importantly, How did you get here?” William stood from his desk, pushing in his chair as he walked towards you. “Without the help of a shinigami, you shouldn't be able to find this place.”
“Actually, I was wondering the same thing. I was at home, getting ready to e
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Dave`s Happiest Day by PinkyPills Dave`s Happiest Day :iconpinkypills:PinkyPills 427 90 Romeo and Juliet by UlaFish Romeo and Juliet :iconulafish:UlaFish 2,743 101 One Point Perspective Checkered floor by WillWorks One Point Perspective Checkered floor :iconwillworks:WillWorks 1,308 74 Doctor Who - The Doctors save Gallifrey by DoctorWhoOne Doctor Who - The Doctors save Gallifrey :icondoctorwhoone:DoctorWhoOne 451 44 Smile by BlasticHeart Smile :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 1,695 166