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an annoying uncle : husband!iwaizumi hajime
Husband!Iwaizumi Hajime X Reader
She snuggled closer to his body, fingers intertwined with his as her head rested against his chest. The sound of his heartbeat was clear in her ears. It was calm and steady, even relaxing to listen to. Iwaizumi's hand held her waist, gently bringing her closer to him. [Name] felt him sigh before he let go of her and took a step back.
The brunet leaned down and gave his wife a quick kiss on the lips which she received happily. "[Name], didn't you say Oikawa was coming over?" He asked but was only given a pout in reply. "Don't pout." Iwaizumi couldn't take it when she pouted. She was too cute and he would usually give in to whatever she was pouting for.
The pout on her beautiful face was replaced with a grin. "Tooru-kun wanted to visit Hayato so he'll be hear any minute!" She told him energetically before bouncing out of the room. Iwaizumi frowned at the idea of having his old friend around. Oikawa could be a pain at times and wa
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acting : husband!sebastian michaelis
[Name] leaned back on the rocking chair, humming quietly as she stared down at her baby. The child was asleep and the mother couldn't help but let out a breath of relief. The boy wouldn't stop crying for over five minutes after his father left the room.
"Stay asleep for me, alright?" She whispered, letting out a tired yawn.
The month old child was rather attached to her husband and would often miss him very much. [Name] found it cute but sometimes it was a real pain since she did miss hours of sleep because of it.
Sebastian left them for the day to do his job as the young Phantomhive heir's butler. Their son was not pleased at all.
[Name] sighed as quiet as she could, eyelids heavy and her body slowly relaxing. A quick nap wasn't going to hurt, right?
She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep with her son.
A few hours later, Sebastian came walking back into the room to check if everything  was alright. He was greeted with a warming scene.
There his wife was, holding the
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Crystal Princess Cadence Custom Plush by Nazegoreng Crystal Princess Cadence Custom Plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 1,131 378
hurry : husband!akashi seijuro
2. Hurry
"Ah, Seto-chan looks super cute~!" Momoi gushed as the baby sat on the expensive sofa.
Seto continued playing with his feet, completely unaware of the attention he was getting from the woman. He was wearing a white and blue sailor uniform with matching socks from his Uncle Kise.
He looked absolutely adorable that even the maids who would attend to him at times would all drown him with attention.
Seto looked up after hearing a familiar voice enter the room.
"Satsuki-chan, how is Aomine-kun and the others?" [Name] asked with a smile.
The child reached out to his mother in hopes of getting her attention. [Name] turned to him and chuckled before picking him up and holding him against her hip. Seto squealed in delight and immediately clung onto the woman.
"So cute~! I wish I had a son…" Momoi pouted.
"If that’s what you want, then you should hurry up and get married so Seto can have a playmate." [Name] teased.  
As predicted, the pink-haired lady turned into a blus
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a beauty : husband!oikawa tooru
His chuckled as his hands weaved through her [h/c] hair, kissing her lips passionately. She let a noise of approval, kissing him back and wrapping her arms around his neck.
The two broke away for air.
"[Name]-chan, you're so cute."
Just before the two was about to reconnect lips once again, a loud cry was heard through the house.
[Name] looked at the doorway and let go of her husband. She gave him an apologetic smile, "Sorry, maybe next time."
He frowned. Oikawa was fully aware of the fact the two now had a beautiful baby and it was hard work looking after one, but nowadays he never had time to spend with [Name].
"But [Name]-chaaaaaaaan~" The grown man pouted.
The two heard the crying grow louder.
"She's crying, Tooru. I have to go." [Name] said before quickly leaving to attend to the child.
Oikawa fell back onto the bed before grabbing a nearby pillow and stuffing it into his chest. He knew that he should probably also run to his daughter as normal father should but he
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resemblance : husband!akashi seijuro
1. Resemblance
"He looks like you, doesn't he?"
Akashi's eyes rested on the small child sleeping in his wife's arms. The woman pouted playfully as she leaned back slowly on the rocking chair.
"I wanted him to look like me." She whined softly.
"He'll probably act like you." Akashi leaned gently onto the chair, red eyes glued on his son.
[Name] brightened up instantly, "Really?! Do you think so?"
The child began to move around in her arms in irritation, letting out a high-pitched groan. [Name] sent an apologetic smile towards the baby before rocking on her chair to send the child back to sleep.
Akashi chuckled softly, "I told you. He acts exactly like you when you wake up."
The woman frowned lightly and crossed a leg over another. Akashi watched in amusement before pecking her on the cheek lovingly.
"Oh, I forgot. Kise-kun wanted to come over to visit him." She said.
Akashi sighed tiredly.
[Name] chuckled quietly, "Sei-kun, there's no problem with it. I hear everyone wants to meet Seto."
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