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Ravens' Grave by ghostfire Ravens' Grave :iconghostfire:ghostfire 191 8 Raven by Santin15 Raven :iconsantin15:Santin15 29 2 [AT] The bibliophile with white ravens by Wila-Chan [AT] The bibliophile with white ravens :iconwila-chan:Wila-Chan 33 4 Raven Chara Design refinement by vr7 Raven Chara Design refinement :iconvr7:vr7 22 2 Commission: SynfulChaot by Colanah Commission: SynfulChaot :iconcolanah:Colanah 3 4 (OC) Erol by Jubishii (OC) Erol :iconjubishii:Jubishii 3 1
Fate/Zootopia - Lancer (Liam Moroff)
True Name: Liam Moroff
Also Known As: The White Raven
Species: Albino Wolf
Servant Class:
Gender: Male
Description: He is a little over six feet tall, and he is a strong person, as to be expect from a true warrior and soldier. He is albino, thanks to that, he has a body that is completely white in coloration, and his eyes have a pinkish sclera and irises that are crimson as blood. Upon summon, he is wearing white shirt and a pair of indigo pants, he also wears a silver armor over his chest and a helmet of the same color on his head. He is always carrying his halberd, consisting into a silver blade with the tip of a long and golden pole. All of his allies, despite their different species, are all similar to him, once they all are albino, and wear virtually the same outfit and identical weapons.
Personality: He is a mammal who lives for the collective, dedicating himself
:iconplatinedragon:PlatineDragon 1 1
Control in Me
As the Fear begins to Rise
And my Soul begins to Cry
The burning Desire of hatred hears
And My Control begins to Die
Lesser and Lesser can I control
The Creature that rises inside Me
Compassion subsides, but the Truth underlies
The Feeling of Power that I see
Can I regain Control?
With the Reflection of a Light?
Like a Fire confided
Within the Raven, White
Burning throughout the Darkness
As all these Events unfold
This is my Endless Desire
To regain all My Control
Now that the Hatred starts to disperse
The Creature grows no more
And the Force within breaks It down
As the Power eats away My Core
Destroying It, Destroys Me
Its a Scarifice I must make
And if I ever want to be Free
Its the Chance that I must Take.
:icontheewhiteraven:theewhiteraven 0 2
Broken Mind
Look at these shattered pieces,
Shattered pieces undefined,
Hopes, Schemes, and Broken Dreams,
Reflect a broken mind.
Searching for Utopia,
Inside a heartless realm.
Why have these souless bits and pieces,
Been confined till now?
Who's the control in my mind,
The parts that seem less exsitent?
For me, not exsiting at all,
Has lead to my Repentence.
As I grow more and more aware,
The Tide becomes more trying.
Feeling mindlessness inside the mist,
My mind's caress starts dying.
Buring Thoughts of all of these,
A life endless and cold,
Seeps through the cracks of sanity,
And the fear starts to take hold.
Looking down into the water,
Seeing reflections of me.
The beautiful essence of my life,
And the Broken Mind that must Be.
:icontheewhiteraven:theewhiteraven 0 0
American Hardcore Revolution 2 by theewhiteraven American Hardcore Revolution 2 :icontheewhiteraven:theewhiteraven 0 0 White Raven 3of4 WP02 by GitariArt White Raven 3of4 WP02 :icongitariart:GitariArt 1 0 White Raven 2of4 WP02 by GitariArt White Raven 2of4 WP02 :icongitariart:GitariArt 1 0 White Raven 1of4 WP02 by GitariArt White Raven 1of4 WP02 :icongitariart:GitariArt 3 0