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AtLA - Sunrise by TobuIshi AtLA - Sunrise :icontobuishi:TobuIshi 619 212 You won't hear it coming by lukeroberts You won't hear it coming :iconlukeroberts:lukeroberts 2,232 826 Firmly grasp it! by eagc7 Firmly grasp it! :iconeagc7:eagc7 344 111 Tina + Artie by Muchacha10 Tina + Artie :iconmuchacha10:Muchacha10 554 144 AtLA - Laughter by TobuIshi AtLA - Laughter :icontobuishi:TobuIshi 569 208 Heroes of Yesterday by Scebiqu Heroes of Yesterday :iconscebiqu:Scebiqu 718 75 Stein by JutaWi Stein :iconjutawi:JutaWi 1,007 305 MMD Monaka Download [V1.2.] by Pikadude31451 MMD Monaka Download [V1.2.] :iconpikadude31451:Pikadude31451 262 24 Zootopia - Case Closed by RobertFiddler Zootopia - Case Closed :iconrobertfiddler:RobertFiddler 1,690 136 Wheelchair Icon by medical-vista-icons Wheelchair Icon :iconmedical-vista-icons:medical-vista-icons 253 218 c'MON, tHINK HAPPY THOUGHTS, by buww c'MON, tHINK HAPPY THOUGHTS, :iconbuww:buww 997 151
A Vigilante No More: Part 1
In a world where most people have a special power, known as a “Quirk”, it falls to those with the profession of “Hero” to police the use of these Quirks. Once thought to be an unattainable dream, becoming a hero is now a possibility. Licensed by the government, these Heroes fight villains, save innocents, and dispense justice to those who would use their powers for ill intent.
However, there are some crimes that are merely too small to be noticed by any of the licensed heroes.
That is where vigilantes, unlicensed, illegal heroes come in. Helping to solve neighbourhood problems the police and pro heroes do not want to deal with, they operate outside the law.
However, there will be a day, perhaps sooner than later, that the law catches up to them.
In the Naruhata district of Tokyo, far above the streets, a girl jumped from rooftop to rooftop, soaring through the air. To her, travelling through the sky was more familiar than travelling on the ground. She made
:iconspicytacos1937:spicytacos1937 77 29
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