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Comm - TG at Midnight by KAIZA-TG Comm - TG at Midnight :iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 159 15 NeoZoan - Werewolf by NeoZoan NeoZoan - Werewolf :iconneozoan:NeoZoan 520 162 CMSN - I Don't Know This Shinji by Glockens CMSN - I Don't Know This Shinji :iconglockens:Glockens 341 39 The Bimbo's Curse: Origins - Page 18 by AdiabaticCombustion The Bimbo's Curse: Origins - Page 18 :iconadiabaticcombustion:AdiabaticCombustion 124 5 Werecelebrity by Intoxiton Werecelebrity :iconintoxiton:Intoxiton 173 13 The Bimbo's Curse: Origins - Page 08 by AdiabaticCombustion The Bimbo's Curse: Origins - Page 08 :iconadiabaticcombustion:AdiabaticCombustion 101 3 Werewoman by lobux Werewoman :iconlobux:lobux 175 5 Werewolf by HPNerd-ALS Werewolf :iconhpnerd-als:HPNerd-ALS 235 14 Upon a Star - Hunter's Curse by locofuria Upon a Star - Hunter's Curse :iconlocofuria:locofuria 109 9 The Bimbo's Cures: Origins - Page 02 by AdiabaticCombustion The Bimbo's Cures: Origins - Page 02 :iconadiabaticcombustion:AdiabaticCombustion 94 3 Lunar Princess Midnight Bullet by Meadowknight Lunar Princess Midnight Bullet :iconmeadowknight:Meadowknight 36 6 The Bimbo's Curse: Origins - Page 06 by AdiabaticCombustion The Bimbo's Curse: Origins - Page 06 :iconadiabaticcombustion:AdiabaticCombustion 87 12 Tigra Dangerous Divas by tonyperna Tigra Dangerous Divas :icontonyperna:tonyperna 83 6
Keeping Up With: Kylie Jenner tg

Kendall went to the door and opened slightly. She looked around to see if there was anyone in the hallway. The coast was clear. She crept and tiptoed across the hallway down to the master bedroom. That was where Scott’s parents sleep. When she got to the door she noticed that the lights were off and the door wasn’t full closed. There she saw someone was in the bed, it was Scott’s dad.
She opened the door but didn’t close the door as to not wake him. She carefully climbed onto the bed and then on top of Scott’s dad. One knee was on the left of him, the other knee on the right of him and Kendall’s body hovering over him. She carefully descended her crotch onto his and then descended her face onto his. That’s when she kissed him.
Scott’s dad woke up to this, but was still a bit groggy. He pulled away for a second and said “Oi, Jane?”. She went back in for the kiss but then pulled away. She whi
:iconendokrane:endokrane 26 6
DC Original Character : Lyca_attack by Jyuune-chan DC Original Character : Lyca_attack :iconjyuune-chan:Jyuune-chan 80 6 Lunar Princess Ancient Ivory by Meadowknight Lunar Princess Ancient Ivory :iconmeadowknight:Meadowknight 29 30 Tigra MU by ElainePerna Tigra MU :iconelaineperna:ElainePerna 50 5 Avengers' Tigra on the prowl by SatyQ Avengers' Tigra on the prowl :iconsatyq:SatyQ 64 7
Keeping Up With: Kendall Jenner tg

*knock* *knock* *knock* “Scotty can you open up for me?” Scott’s mom said. “Oh! Perfect” kim said out loud as her tits jiggled. She turned off the lights in his room and opened the door. AS she opened the door, she ran to the closet next to his door.
“Scott, where are you?” his mom asked as she entered the room. As she walked inside Scott went behind her and closed the door. The sound of the door closing startled his mom so she turned around. There she saw a figure. The room was too dark to see Scott but she knew that it wasn't him.
“Sco-” she said. She was interrupted by something on her lips. It was as if a fluffy cloud touched her lips. Filled with euphoria she didn't even realize she was moving. Kim was dragging her as they were kissing. She felt Kim’s ass and loved to rub her hands around it. Grabbing each cheek in her hands she felt how plump it was. The two eventually reached a wall.
:iconendokrane:endokrane 19 12
New friends-Kris/Trish crossover-TG Transformation
“So…” Jen said.
“So?” Jason said.
Bethany sighed shuffling on the couch. “So you’re like her?” She sharply asked her partner.
“Well, no uh, well?” Jason stuttered.  
“Are you?” Kris asked.
“I dunno-by the way when does the other guy come back?” Jason asked.
“Oh Chris, like-”
No, sorry to cut you off,” Bethany apologized.  “Jason-focus. How did this all happen?” Bethany asked.
“Right well-wait didn’t you and I do this a while ago?” Jason asked.  
“Right, right.”
Yesterday 4:01  
“Yeah I’ll be there in a bit just picking up one last thing,” Chris said walking down a balcony. He was out picking up some new clothes for him and Kris. Along with a special bottle of wine for Jen. Kris was inviting some friends over and he thought she’d love this wine.
“I really don’t know why
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Poof you're a werewolf by Fringecrow Poof you're a werewolf :iconfringecrow:Fringecrow 44 3